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9 lbs 19.25" 02:48 a.m. EDT on August 15, 2008


Dad is doing fine (I know everyone was concerned), Mom is a big fan of the epidural and is doing well, Kevin has already figured out how his thumb works.



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Congrats Ike , and commiseration to your wife, my youngest was 9 lb 10.5 oz ... ouch ... Have fun while he hasnt figured out how to say the word no.... or run away... *lol* then the "fun" really begins ...

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gratz ike and family, hope all are healthy, happy and stay that way. advise from my brother's recent birth of a boy would be to watch how things are aimed when changing diapers. somehow my wife popped out a 'little' girl, 10lb 1oz, with no meds!


may he be crashing fleets like my girl tries at 8months. that is if one counts pounding on keyboard, slobbering on and banging the mouse and randomly im'ing gintu as ogaming.

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