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Sacred 2 Trailers - Shadow Warrior Gameplay in HD - July 17th/08

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Hey guys


Just saw this on Youtube last night and it's got some impressive footage of a Shadow Warrior using no less then 5 Combat Arts ^^



Whoever this is...lol, good player :hugs:


I also noticed that whenever he's in battle and is attacking creatures, all these red, stringy ropes are coming out of the baddies and connecting to the Shadow Warrior:




Any conjecture on what that is?






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I would say that LL is a very good guess and the sound is incredible! And its really funny cause I had the urge to get on youtube and look up Sacred 2 stuff last night and I saw this vid so really really funny that we looked the exact same day!



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Stick, you're so right...the sound IS very good... I'm not just imagining it huh? I'll tell you something. Ever since I heard the sound effects from Diablo 3...I was so sad... I was thinking that nothing out there could match the kind of satisfaction I was getting from seeing the toons beating the monsters..


Till this last Sacred 2 Trailer.


I'm convinced the devs on this one are as talented as on the first one... And seeing/hearing this video over and over again make me want to buy the best sounding system out there.


Nothing beats the sound of a good squish


And yes...good call guys... Life leech? Yes! And so much better than in the first one. The "strings" look so organic and alive. More goodies.

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Well...lol to kinda piggy back on you once again Gogo...I didnt realize how good the sound was in the D3 trailer until I went back and listened to it again when u had mentioned it in some other post and well...


the first thought that came to mind when I saw the fights goin on in Sacred 2 is that the sound effects are quite similar to that D3 trailer...the squish of the monsters and the walking...but I think the music is better here :)


cant freakin wait,



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