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Requiem Rogue Guide

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Well it looks like we need a topic about the Rogue in here so... Tada! A Rogue topic. :P


I'd like to say I'm a Rogue expert but the truth is I've just been doing stuff with my Rogue and hoping that it works. That said you can keep in mind that what I say here are simple observations and maybe some suggestions.


Rogue Basics:


Looking at the many different set items available to the Rogue who wears Leather Armor one thing stands out. Evasion. Evasion seems to be one of the Rogue's specializations. With that in mind I think it is a good idea to invest and improve the Rogue's amount of Evasion whenever possible.

Another Specialization of the Rogue is in Attack Speed. Looking at the weapons available to the Rogue, particularly the Claws, we can see that his attack speed is very good. The skill Quick Attack emphasizes this.

A third specialization of the Rogue is the high ability for critical damage. The Rogue starts off with the highest amount of dexterity compared to all classes. Dexterity improves the chance for weapons to cause critical damage.

One final defining characteristic of the Rogue is the ability to become invisible from the Skills Shadow Runner and Stealth.


With regards to how the Rogue protects itself it seems as though the Rogue would rather focus on reducing the chance of being hit through evasion as opposed reducing how much damage a hit does through Defense. I like this type of protection personally. Watching an enemy miss several times in a row is very satisfying. ^^


As for damage the Rogue's base damage isn't all that great. In fact it's quite low. But! The number of attacks he can perform in a given time is very high. The Rogue's style is to strike fast and hope that his attacks will have critical damage. The more often a Rogue hits the more often he will ultimately generate critical damage. In the end I think it is the Rogue's speed that gives it it's edge.





Rogue Skills:


The Rogue's skills allow for many different types of builds and because of that it can be difficult to choose which ones you will use with your Rogue. In Requiem there are several Skills for each class and because there are so many you will not be able to use all of them on a single character. Skills are acquired by spending Skill points you recieve. Each time you level up you recieve 1 Skill Point, (except level 30 you get 3). You can use a Skill Point to either buy a new Skill or to increase the level of a Skill you already have. The maximum number of Skill points you can spend on most Skills is 5 and therefore the maximum level most Skills can be is Level 5.

It is of course possible to spend 1 Skill point in a each Skill so you can try them all but it is better to focus your Skill Points in Skills that you think you will use a lot. With that in mind it is important to read and understand each Skill available to the Rogue in order to help you create a build that will be fun for you. Check out Requiem-wiki's Rogue Skills List.

There are some Skills,(buffs), that I believe are a requirement for any Rogue and they are:

  1. Fighting Will - Increases your Attack Success Rate so that your attacks will not miss as often
  2. Quick Attack - Increases your Attack Speed
  3. Instant Accel - Increases your Evasion Rate so that enemy attacks will miss you more often
  4. Dual Wield Mastery - Increases your Base Damage from Claws or Dual Swords

These Skills are a priority in my opinion and I make sure that they are level 5 as soon as possible. Another Skill, (buff), that I have not tried yet but could be of great value is Vertigo. Vertigo would help to ensure that you never miss your target and this for a Rogue is of greatest importance. The Rogue specializes in quick attacks although the amount of damage per hit is low compared to other classes. In order for the Rogue damage to compete with a Shaman's for example it is important that the Rogue never misses. It is also very hard to make sure of. So in the end it is highly likely that Vertigo might improve a Rogue's damage output substantially.


The above mentioned skills I would say are good Skills to have for any kind of Rogue no matter the build.


The rest of the Skills available to the Rogue are a matter of play style and will determine the type of build you have. For example there are Area of Effect Skills such as Lightning Speed, Infection and Breaking Pieces. Focusing on those 3 skills you could create a Rogue that is able to battle several enemies at once. There are Stealth Skills which allow the Rogue to attack while invisble. And there are many many "Debuff" Skills. Debuffs or "Hex" type Skills are Skills that weaken an enemy in some way. A Rogue that focuses in Debuff Skills could be considered a party support player. Debuffing enemies to allow party mates to kill faster.


Some notable Skills in my opinion are:

  • Poison Arrow - Because it is a long range attack that has good damage. This Skill allows you to damage your opponent before it can get close enough to hit you.
  • Home Thrust - This skill can stun the enenmy for up to 3 seonds which allows you to cause a lot of damage before the enemy has a chance to cause you damage. It can also stop some enemies from completing a spell they had already begun to cast.
  • Stealth + Amush - These two skills combine to allow you to stun an enemy like Home Thrust does. Using the Skills Stealth, Ambush and Home Thrust in combination with other Rogue Skills is a very popular build idea.

Warning about Poison Skills:

Using the Rogue's Poison Skills one after another often does not work which seems to be a bug. If you plan to use a poisonous Skill then I suggest that you choose only one. If you must use more than one then be sure to time your poison skills so that the second is used when the target is no longer poisoned.


As for the rest of the skills... Have fun with them! The rest are really a matter of style and the kind of fun killing power you prefer.



Well that's a start I think. Feel free to add your questions and experiences. :)

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Great job with that build, Schot! I really can find many helpful tips here for my Rogue. However most of the time I'll be playing with Tomi (or I think so :P ) and we're planning that I'll be rather using long range weapons and he that ones to close combat.

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Great guide schot. I've played with your rogue in game, and he's able to take down monsters with the speed of his attacks like a bunch of ants biting a target. Small hits repeatedly that all hit, while you dance out of way of the monster.


Question about the ranged on the Rogue. Can you list what kind of damage you're getting, and maybe some hints on how to optimize that? I've seen your crossbow in action, and it's capable of doing some substantial hits to enemies. Also what's the regen on it like in terms of time and how much of your Skills bar does it sap every time you use it when compared to your total bar of Mana. ( It's your mana that runs it right:)





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Very nice build Schot! Congrats! It'll be very helpful for the new, baby Rogues!


My Rogue is level 11 and trying to boost what you said...like attack speed, evasion, crit chance etc...

I'm making close combat Rogue, while Telari is making an xbow hunter. :viking:


My question is...is that possible for an assassin to make damage for several foes at the same time? Or can hit only one mob/hit.

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Really nice guide and well written :lol: - wouldnt expect less from you though :oooo:


A but curious how you handle yourself when solo, what skills you use, downtime etc. For me as shaman I owned mobs until level 40ish and then it went downhill fast and only just close 55-60 with the new skllls and DNA I manage to kill off mobs pretty safe again.

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Ok I wrote three different responses on 3 different occasions which ended up as notepad files so bear with me, lol. The thoughts here might not be perfectly organized. Then again who am I kidding... It's me, Schot. Helllooooouuuu! :P



Solo-ing at the moment is kind of difficult for me. Presently I have not been able to equal the killing power a Shaman can do although I think my health and mana energy management is very optimized. For one thing my mana never runs out. In fact it seems never to go under 80% when fighting even over long periods. As for my health I can last a good while because of my evasion and stun skill. What this means is that I can't kill several targets very fast compared to a Shaman but the advantage I have is that my health and mana require very little regen time which allows me to continue fighting quickly. One thing to consider with all that is that I am using level 35 Amplio weapons and my character level is 43. So if I were using level 40 Amplio weapons then my results could be much better. On top of that I have done very little reinforcing. Ultimately the reason my Rogue is not optimized is because of lack of money, haha. I wasted a lot of money on compounding experiments. :D I think by level 45 I should be optimized though. I hope...

For skills there are 7 that I can say I always use:

  • 4 Buffs that are Fighting Will, Insant Accel, Quick Attack, and Fortitude
  • 2 Attack skills that are Home Thrust and Deadly Strike.
  • 3 DNA consisting Dual Wield Mastery, Strengthened Fighting Will and Strengthened Instant Accel.


Getting back to my easy to manage mana bar:

The reason why I don't use a lot of mana is simple. I use Claws most of the time and when using Claws I simply auto attack. This is the fastest way to attack consecutively with a Rogue and does not cost any mana. In a single kill I will often only execute 2 skills and the two skills I use cost very little mana. This applies to average mobs but with bosses the strategy is different and I will end up using all of my mana.


Rogue Critical Damage:

Interesting point here is that there are basically two types of damage a Rogue can focus on. Skill critical damage or "regular weapon attack" critical damage. When I say "regular weapon attack" I mean the auto attack using no skills. A Rogue's critical damage is broken into two types. Critical damage from skills where the chance to cause critical damage is affected by increasing it's MIND stat and critical damage from auto attack where the chance to cause critical damage is affected by increasing DEXTERITY. I like the auto attack kind!


As for how to use the weapons this is what I suggest.


With Claws you'll want to chose skills that will not necessarily do large damage but instead "aid" the auto attacks in some way. Vertigo and Deadly Strike for example will help you land your attacks. Paralyzed Nerve will reduce the speed that the enemy can attack. Home Thrust will stun. I haven't had a chance to use Paralyzed Nerve or Vertigo in my build yet but now that I have some experience with my Rogue I really do wish I had taken them. I believe they would be excellent for my kind of Rogue. One that focuses on Claws. Oh and Fortitude is an awesome skill(buff). It increases the chance for auto attacks to crit by quite a lot!


Dual Swords

Dual swords are great for Rogue's who plan to use high damage skills. Examples of high damage skills would be Deadly Strike and Ambush. In fact I think those two might be the top two for damage. These skills add a certain amount of damage to the base damage of whatever weapon you are using, (Claws or Dual Swords). Because Dual Swords always have a much higher base damage than Claws it is advantageous to have Dual Swords equipped when using high damage skills. More to this point is that there is a separate chance to cause critical damage when executing skills and this comes from increasing your MIND stat.




When Reinforcing I reinforce mostly HP, HP Regen, Dex, Str. This of course applies to my level 43 Rogue. For early level Rogues I would invest heavily in Evasion and HP only from level 1-20 I think. These two can make the greatest difference I believe. I think I would keep those two priority even in much higher levels but by the time you are level 40 you will have so many places for reinforcements which will allow you to be more creative. At this point I suggest adding in Accuracy, Dex, Str in that order of priority but keeping Evasion and HP at the most important. This will of course require experimentation to find exactly how much you need of each. (I have not added Accuracy reinforcements yet in my build but I can tell you I very much need it which is why I recommend Accuracy)

With weapons I always add Physical Damage reinforcements to improve the base damage of weapons.

MIND becomes a priority when relying heavily on skills for your damage and DEX becomes less of a priority.





The crossbow is very satisfying I find Teleri. You will have some fun with it for sure. While you are a Rogue there won't be many Crossbow Skills to have. Only 2 in fact. Poison Arrow and Long Range Weapon Mastery. If you are going to focus on Ranged then I would say it will be better for you that you do not take Dual Wield Mastery. You will still be able to use the other weapons. Personally. I took both Dual Wield Mastery and Long Range Weapon Mastery. I just wanted to try both, heh. I think it is possible to have both actually but for you it would be better to focus on the ranged first and think about Dual if you have extra skill points.


Some Crossbow tips:

Using the Crossbow can be tricky sometimes. The terrain in Requiem can sometimes prevent you from using your crossbow and so it might be necessary to move a few steps in order to shoot at your target. The most common problem would be that the ground between you and your target is raised somewhat. This would mean a small hill is blocking your line of sight. This kind of obstruction is hard to notice when you have the camera set to look down on the world. There are also other times when the Crossbow does not want to shoot for unknown reasons and you'll just need to move around a bit. The best solution to a Crossbow that doesn't want to shoot? Jump. :D Jump straight up in the air. If you are locked onto a target while jumping then your Rogue will most times shoot the crossbow while in the air and hit the target. Which I think is so cool by the way! So rule number one for a Ranged Rogue... If all else fails then Jump. ^^ In fact it is the first thing I do when there is a problem.

How much damage with a Crossbow?

Well so far as my experience I have found that if you are as far away as possible from your target then you can shoot 3 regular Crossbow arrows + 1 Poison Arrow before an enemy can get close enough to hit you, (excluding Long Range attacking enemies, eh heh...). After the 4 arrow shots the enemy in most cases is down to near half health. This sort of damage would apply to enemies at your level while using a good Amplio Crossbow.


I suggest any kind of Rogue to start off their attacks with crossbow. I think the crossbow really makes the Rogue an excellent hybrid of ranged and melee.


I think I may have accidently answered some of those questions. I hope, haha. I've been working waaay too much... :)

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Brilliant post, Schot! :)


Yes, for crossbow there's not much skills, I noticed that, however before I got Poison Arrow killing enemies with xbow wasn't so hard, now it's ofc much easier. Also I've got many thing from foes which after eating them they give me bigger chance to get critical shot ect, and I'm using them almost all the time.

Btw, nice tip with jumping, I didn't know that :P

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some questions from a squishy caster:


I see that rogues rely heavily on evasion ... and as I’ve seen with other aspects of the game.. the stats of the mobs scale more than yours as you progress further into the game. Is it the same for evasion? I mean do you have to reinforce evasion religiously to make it worthwhile?


How much evasion does a rogue have around lv50? My very wild guess would be around 3000-4000? (I may be completely off here) And do you think a class with different specialization would benefit at all from less evasion? Would some evasion do ANY good, or would it be negligible?

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Hmmm, I haven't needed to reinforce much evasion at all actually. If I'm fighting enemies my level then it works quite well. They will most often miss their first strike and then every other 3rd or 4th hit after that. Sometimes they will miss several times consecutively. When I'm fighting enemies much higher than me then my evasion doesn't work so well and this is the reason I suggest reinforcing evasion. So that it will wok better against higher level enemies.


Very good guess enci, haha. I think my Rogue, level 49, is around 3000 but I'll have to check and confirm that. His 3000 evasion includes evasion from armor and skill buff. About 1000 comes from armor and 730 from skill buff Instant Accel. For a class like Templar it's my guess that it wouldn't be beneficial to boost evasion as they wouldn't have a very good base to increase. Though I can't be sure. It's possible that stats will work differently for each class but... My guess would be to pump up Health for a caster. Seems to work very well for gogo, lol.



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