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Requiem Trailer - Superb ingame player footage

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Just caught this last night. Someone's got a great eye for the camera, the editing is fantastic, once again showing the power of Requiem's ingame camera. I've never played a game like this, with a camera that adds so much to the game.




I never get tired of looking at Requiem's graphics, and since I upped the comp, the eye candy is that much better.


If you haven't played this game yet, and have a good comp, give it a go, just to see this game in action. Check out the monsters taking a pounding from different directions all at once.


This game is fast






p.s. err...jury's out on the music though :P


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Great video I think. Not a fan of the music but it works perfectly somehow with the video. And yup! Fun AND fast. The speed of gameplay is what I love most about it. :P

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heh, the music gets to me too ^^ The only time, I actually saw this kind of firepower myself, was a time when Enci and Ganto teamed up with us to help me get the Emperor Gramm quest. Enci has that awesome looking dancing light from heavens skill, and with me, ganto, and schot all taking down enemies at once, I finally got to see the game engine in all it's glory.





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Ohh yeah nice vid. :P Music was familiar here. hehe...still waiting for that nice graphics.

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Wow, great editing there - very nice video :D


And agree with you gogo, pity that most bosses, like in SL, are just max dps. I want to use my fireworks fully as with gramm :viking:

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