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Shadow Warrior skills and combat arts

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Astral Lord Lore - increases damage, crit chance & cast speed for this aspect

Death Warrior Focus - improves regen & raises max CA level for this aspect

Malevolent Champion Focus - improves regen & raises max CA level for this aspect

Astral Lore Focus - improves regen & raises max CA level for this aspect

Ancient Magic - increases damage for spells

Combat Discipline - increases damage & improves regen for Combos, also increases the number of CAs you can have in a combo

Concentration - gives you an additional buff slot & improves regen for all CAs


Hafted Weapons/Ranged Weapons/Sword Weapons/Pole Arms - increases attack speed, chance to hit & max item level useable without penalties with these weapons

Tactics Lore - increases damage with all weapons

Dual wield - allowed you to wield two single-handed weapons

Speed Lore - increases attack & defence & run speed

Damage Lore - gives you a better chance for applying "status effects" (eg, burning with fire damage) on monsters


Shield Lore - ?

Armour Lore - improves your resists & increases max item level without penalties

Toughness - improves your resists & gives you a small % damage mitigation

Combat Reflexes - increases your chancce to evade attacks & reduces the chance that an enemy will score a critical hit on you

Constitution - increases health & health regen

Spell Resistance - increases your resistance to spells

Pacifism - reduces damage taken in PvP (only as far as I'm aware)


Riding - improves your mount's CAs & stuff (? Ask Pevil!)

Divine Devotion - improves regen of god-spell

Blacksmith - allows the player to socket items without having to use a Smith

Alchemy - allows you to use certain consumables

Enhanced Perception - ?



Edited by gogoblender: The SacredWiki page for Shadow Warrior has been updated to show the final list of Combat Arts as well as skill choices:


Shadow Warrior

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