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Seraphim Combat Art Catalogue

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gogoblender    1,461

These are all taken from Sacredwiki. We're finishing putting up the CA pics for the Seraphim, I thought it would be interesting for everyone to finally be able to see all the Combat Arts this heavenly warrior is capable of, especially for those that don't have the demo or game yet...or are thinking about it :evil: It's just a pic guide, so no other content here... just our Wonderbabe in glorious action showing her celestial range of macickery:


Exalted Warrior Aspect


Soul Hammer




Pelting Strikes



Dashing Alacrity (one of my favorites)




Assailing Sommersault




Battle Stance




Celestial Magic Aspect


Baneful Smite




Radiant Pillar




Instill Belief




Hallowed Restoration




Cleansing Brilliance




Revered Technology Aspect


Archangel's Wrath




Flaring Nova




Divine Protection




Warding Energy














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Flooxim    48

This is really awesome! I'll probably also take screenshots like these if you need some.




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gogoblender    1,461

Glad you liked em Max :) And of course, we can definitely use some help!. Once you get the game going, just remember that we're looking hard for one pic only that can really represent as well as possible what the particular Combat Art means. It's actually tough to get a good screenie goin... specially when we have Brad looking over our shoulders always point out stuff :o


The size he's picked out for the wiki is going to be 320 width. I'm actually using bucket to resize the photos AND crop out extraneous matter. Once that's done, it's easy to get the pic put up.


I'd recommend taking a bunch of pics, and then seeing the one that really appeals to you most. From there, just post them up here in at DarkMaters and any of us (and even you ! :)) can take it from there and edit them.


Thanks for the offer of help...much appreciated, and sorely needed. The SacredWiki is incredibly hungry for writing and pics... any help offered is always welcome.





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gogoblender    1,461

Awesome eelman, ty!





p.s. Remember to have as much as possible, highest res, and anti aliasing...unless your comp starts smoking :) Good luck!

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