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You are such a nice community

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Hello pretty people,


I have several questions. Are you all that nice and pretty, or is it something magical about this website, community and or game? What makes this community so good? Did it give you something, which you could bring into the dayly world?


Here is my oppinion, and I am interested in yours of course.


I am kind of nerdily interested in psychological/behavioral aspects of everyday communication. And this site is wonderfull (well not that I visited many others but anyway)


It is pleasure to know that there are so polite and respectfull people. I did not see any flaming or emotional conversation... It is kind of surprising to say/see that, but to me it seems that people see weakness in good manners. ok phylosophical blah blah


I enjoy it and learn so much, for example - old and young people can comunicate at the same level about daily issues, no prejudice at all. You never know who is on the opposite side of the internet connection unless you check the profile.


Another think is that I have seen lot of discusion how people are being "consumed" by internet and tend to overlook dayly face to face conversation. And after browsing through many conversations here, seeing the attitude I see that is no problem. One can actually be himself and have no restrains... it is kind of discovering ones newself. very interesting to me atleast.


And by the way we are social people, and this kind of communication is very interactive, fast, lot of information around... and you can actualy change your point of interest at anytime without interepting or interfering at some level... one could even call it "conversation with much more freedom of conversation" (phew that one rox :)


so not only I recieved many information on the game, I also learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. and it made my opinion that we should be polite even stronger.


heh I wanted to delete all the stuff above but read the thread about how we tend to do that sometimes so I leave it... another interesting think that I learned.


So what do you think?


Enjoy and... enjoy,



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Because Sacred summoned us :P

Dunno, maybe its because the original founders where such nice people (gogo, schot :) & the rest)

This is first and foremost a sacred community, and all the other sacred communities I'm part of/ been to, are really nice as well, so it might have something to do with sacred

But its a good question actually



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I have several questions. Are you all that nice and pretty, or is it something magical about this website


You see those spaces between the posts? There's hidden subliminal messages there telling everyone to behave or face the ban-hammer-o-doom.




Ok, maybe not... but it sounded good in my head. :)


I've been a part of a lot of gaming communities and have noticed something. Official forums will always have flamers, whiners, trolls, and jerks. They don't tend to go into guild run forums because they know the mods won't tolerate anyone harassing any member of their community. Guild forum communities are full of people who get along with each other and it's easy to form friendships.


When you get into a game with hardcore mode players things change. A hardcore player will give you the armor off their back if you need it because they know that one day they will need someone to help them. It takes a special kind of person to play hardcore mode, which is what makes the community so great.

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That depends only from people... Maybe here we are all just lucky? I was member of national polish sacred site, which has something I can call acreditation. Polish distributor and even Ascaron link that site as their polish main site about Sacred. But admin made few decisions which split polish community. It was about 3 months ago... It was really bad moment. Decisions were very controversial. With parts of users went away also all moderators and even now this forum has no one new in their place from what I heard.


I think here main factor is feeling, that people here can be part of something common and active change something. I think about SacredWiki. Look at gogo. He is active, speak with everyone and care about site. Look at Schott. He always try to do something helpfull. Many people here want to give something to others. And that is something really good. Other sites are based on strict old rules where admin and mod can only change content. Here is community which can change articles, information and everything connected with Sacred universum.


Some of us know others also not from forum but from game or even from real life. That makes us all responsible for what other people can found, read on SacredWiki. And make us all equal. Maybe admin and mods have more rights but they don't use them to be better that others. In fact they try to help us because they know we may help them in, for example, filling quest list. So make scripts and templates to orginize our support for them. That site base on our help and we can be part of it. Not only posters or readers but also partly authors. Other side which is probably not seen... Look at people here and look somewhere else. Here are mostly adults, many of them are parents and they simply think different way than teenagers. For many of us it isn't important who is greatest/fastest/biggest and other -est :P I have distance to world, others and what most important... me myself. And I see that here is more people like me. Some of them are younger, and some are older. But even teenagers here are more adult than their peer group (or maybe I see them that way). So I can conclude that around Sacred gathered group of intelligent people with open minds. They can think independent, on their own, using brain. Maybe not always they share same point of view but they can show it or even defend in civilised, polite way.


Of course there are people in Sacred too, we want forget about and don't see on servers anymore (cheaters, thieves). That's part of each community. And I can only regret, that many of them is from my country, especially when we talk about being rude to other players. But here, on site and forum they aren't exists and I'm happy from that. Maybe it's connected with our adulthood? Of course I think about mental, not physical adulthood :)

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great, gime mooore :bow:


I am already planning an answer, or rather reply, but its hard to me concentrate on the theme in such a subject. Reason why I write this, is:


We found that social networks have clusters of happy and unhappy people within them that reach out to three degrees of separation. A person's happiness is related to the happiness of their friends, their friends' friends, and their friends' friends' friends—that is, to people well beyond their social horizon. We found that happy people tend to be located in the center of their social networks and to be located in large clusters of other happy people. And we found that each additional happy friend increases a person's probability of being happy by about 9%.


I have already a point, but is this not actualy what is happening here? happy nice pretty people create more happy nice pretty people :).


Thats a tribute to you Schott and Gogo... and to everybody who helped to create this community (sorry for my ignorance...)


and yeah, quiz question - why do you think I used the pecial spelling? but answer this only after you replied to the main theme... :oooo:


Isn that above motivating to you?


O.K maybe thats bit fo astray, I will post reply related to the coments later... after I read all this interesting stuff muhahahahahah



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ok err... I bougth the original sacred game... it was a fun game but the game itself wasnt extraordinary... I usaly dont stay with games very long but the communety held me there... it was the best communety I have ecer experienced. even in real life.

after a while I bougth the expansion and joined this forum (and a few others) and decided to try ''hardcore playing'' wich had a even better community of people itching to help eachother.


so.. communety keeps me here.. and I guess ascaron attracts alot of good people?

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I'm sorry for getting to this thread so late. Chrenus and everyone else who has written here, than you, and I mean that. As I was reading everyone's comments on how they feel about Darkmatters, I was flattered, delighted and more importantly honored. Chrenus, you've asked some interesting questions here, to me anyways. Let me see if I can peg some of my answers as to what some of takes on why Darkmatters has turned out pretty well.


I think we're actually very lucky to have somehow chanced on the people that read and post here. Forums are made of of about nine tenths readers and the other tenth posters. That one tenth of the community is really what forums the content, and that's what people keep coming back to read IMO. As long as good and interesting content is always going up, the readership will keep rotating, and the community will keep coming back because they believe there's always something here new for them to consume/read.


I think that part of the reason why DarkMatters has been busy for a few years now is because I love to blab :) I've thought about this for awhile actually ^^ Talking and sharing, for me, is a big part of my life. I used to coach a lot of ice-hockeyfor a few years, as well as rugby and soccer. My love for always connecting to others and sharing with them what I know consumed me for all those years, and still does to this day. My need to share, teach or connect has somehow been transformed from coaching to being here on this forum.


We're also lucky here because Brad (Schot) is a long time friend of mine as well as roomate. We're both passionate about gaming, and we both seem to have different strengths that complement each other. The cool thing about this is the few times that we've had challenges here on the site, we're always fortunate enough to always be able to mash out our answers before publishing responses to any sort of topics that could be difficult to deal with.


Most other forums usually have one owner, but we're lucky enough to be two here, and we don't fight too often :P I've come to realize over the last few years what a great gift that is. There is another forum I do a lot of posting on called The Admin Zone, and over the years of posting there and helping others build good communities, the benefits of always having an at home community meaning someone to constantly always bounce ideas and what peeeps here on DarkMatters are talking about cannot be overstated as being a good strength.


As well, one of the things we've been fortunate with is that since we always look to share and discover with others, it's changed our community in a way that a lot of other forums don't maybe have. We don't really look for debats and argue things...we instead look to discover with others options, answers and roads that continue to fulfill everyone's satisfaction.


That point is important.


I also used to be a huge debater years ago and was always looking to make others understand that my point was the right one. A few years later, after a bit reading, being taught by some great teachers about politics and philosophy, I've really come to understand that great growth, forward motion and most importantly discovery comes from having a great ear and more importantly being perceived as being a decent listener.


And I think that this is what we we try to do here. Listen and share.


It's funny, every day I come up with tons of posts because I always seem to have a new way of seeing something that's come up in my life and all I want to do is post it here for everyone else to see and maybe comment on. It's a wonderful gift to know that we have so many peeps that tune into our forum every day, and it's an even better gift to believe that the peeps that come here to read and maybe walk away with something new are good people, and can maybe walk away with a smile on their face, and in doing so make our world a better place.


lol, did I just get all corny?


heh, well, that's a big part of what this forum is to me, and maybe the reason why we don't allow ( so far ;) ) politics and religion discussed. Brad and I have discussed this many times, and I guess I'll let all you guys in on something else that's been guiding us with this site.


That we believe there's so much bad stuff happening out there...everywhere... in the world, newspapers, tv...and so the challenge became..can we create a little corner in the world where the sun always shines and that peeps would actually find interesting?


You guys can tell us if we've been successful.


I love you guys. And I especiall love being able to come here, write and listen to all your stories.


Thank you





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This is a great community :)


I've played many games and most collect dust on various shelves. But not S1 and now Sacred 2. Most games I'll play the campaign or story line and that's it. S1 would have been the same except for 2 things and gogo's to blame for both lol


I had been a lurker on the SIF since the game had been out (about 2 months at that time) and would read his threads about how great Hardcore was. His enthusiasm and genuine love for the game piqued my interest so I registered on forum and gave HC a shot. My first experience was fairly short, I teamed up with a couple players several levels higher than me and promptly died. They said to remake my character and come back in. And when I did, I wasn't prepared for the outpouring of help. Saying I was "new to HC" and "I just died" were more than enough for everyone in server to give me gold, runes and equip. One of them even shopped for an hour for me. Needless to say I was hooked/addicted/hopelessly drawn in to HC at the point and have been playing HC ever since (almost 4 years)


As great as HC was I found the SIF, while great place to either find or give advice/info, wasn't quite what I was looking for. Now I had known gogo for awhile and just started hanging out with Schot (the real mastermind behind the spandex caper) when I found myself coming to Darkmatters fairly often, helping with maps etc. The natural progression was becoming a member here. I probably wouldn't still be playing S1 at all if I hadn't become friends with gogo and Schot.


It's because of those two I'm here now. Their enthusiasm and dedication to Darkmatters and SacredWiki is amazing. I get tired just thinking about all the work they have put in to both sites and you can tell that they absolutely love doing it :P



They started the whole thing, but everyone else that has joined really made this a great place. It's very rare to find a place that fosters such a welcome and 'close knit' feel. Where you can post your ideas/stories/questions and never worry about a mean spirited or snide remark back. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. Here feels like family.

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After reading all these views the one constant I see in FDM is change.


It has certainly changed a great deal since I first became a member. Makes me think - change can be good :)


The people here are a lot nicer to each other, treat each other with respect etc than any other Forum I have been to. Fantastic to see.


edit: woooahhh -


Joined: 1-February 06

Member No.: 36


I had no idea it had been so long! Amazing work Admins :cool:

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I think it could be an out growth of the game and the way we played the original and how it has been carried over to Sacred 2 (hope to get it soon). But it could also be an off shoot of some basic concepts which are :


friends and family help one another


members of FDM are like family and friends


and friends and family are Sacred.


P.S. Some of us have also found each other on other networks such as facebook and myspace and we play other little games with each other on those sites.


And for added comparison


Joined: 20-April 08

Member No.: 738

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Interesting posts, heh got me replying anyways :) This is an easy place to be, you can go away and pop back and whilst faces and people come and go there's still that core that remains the same here, tolerance or acceptance or whatever you want to call it.


It's such a friendly place lol even when it's playing other games as a clan from here, an attack with a smile! Could only happen at FDM. Maybe gogo could show you the temporary home FDM had for a while hehe now that was a shiny happy place even if you did need shades to visit there and a lay down on the couch after!


Whatever it is about this place though it remains constant and that's very much a unique thing I think for a gaming forum and I guess a lot of people met through Sacred but there have been a fair few other games that grew this community into what it is now and it keeps on going back to sacred.


Great place though and great to see it growing and growing :4rofl:

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I posted something similar on SIF:


War it’s now or never

We shall stand together

One by one

This world is sacred

(I’m coming home)

War it’s now or never

We shall stand together

One by one

This world is Sacred !

I’m coming home






Chareos Rantras

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Never saw the lyrics. You put 'em in my head all day at work :crazy:


I also think this forum's "nice" cuz of the free beer after hours parties we do





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Just so everyone know I love this place :heart: and the pepps in here (most of you anyway :P) ok thats it for the mushy stuff :) back to banging my head against something very cool I just got dropped in my lap :woot:



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well it seems no matter how far I roam, when I come home, I find I'm loved for me, and not what character I run. Dark is just fantastic and will always be the one place of my most truest friends :BlobRed:

Its a wonderful place to build friendships, not just gaming hehe :D

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DARK is just... Well. DARK. One of a kind.

You know that 'something wonderful' quest? It's a ripoff. DARK is something wonderful :D


OK enough with the cheesy-ness, the first statement still holds though.

I've never come across a more friendly community than this, and I'm very happy I can be a part of it.


BTW cool new av Ari :BlobRed:

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I Think We Are A Great Community, Because Of All The Great people That Make It Up.


Gogo And Schot Made A Great Way To Pass The Time, And Meet New People!!


I Know ive Met Some Awesome People On Here, Even if THey Dont Believe In Cake >_>.


Yeah Chareos, im Talking To You. :biggrin:



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I Think We Are A Great Community, Because Of All The Great people That Make It Up.


Gogo And Schot Made A Great Way To Pass The Time, And Meet New People!!


I Know ive Met Some Awesome People On Here, Even if THey Dont Believe In Cake >_>.


Yeah Chareos, im Talking To You. :biggrin:





Cookies to the people! *tries to unsheat sword but gets locked up again by banhammer-wielding llama's* dang...




Chareos Rantras

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And the avatar I made for gogo helps too. Look DEEP into the avatar. Become one with it's spininynessness. *Good thoughts feel gooood. Bad thoughts feel baaaad. Call 1-555-555-5555 for further instructions...* _hypno__by_xRed5433x.gif


I think our "upbringing" so to speak played a big part of how cozy FDM is now. We started off with an exceptionally friendly bunch during the Ogame days and from there we managed, the community here, to maintain one heck of a great attitude. Part of our growth did involve some very hard times and decisions and it was how we chose to handle them that helped us get to where we are as well. Sacred may have had an influence too I think. Most of us played Hardcore which has a way of humbling us and bringing us together. A death in hardcore was a pretty serious matter. Important enough to cause all the players on the server to stop what they're doing and offer comfort to the player who died. Especially to those who lost a Niob character. Some would even devote hours of their time to help rebuild for a player who lost his character. And of course there also the Island drop offs. Players coming down to the lower servers to offer nice gear. The good old days in HC taught us a great deal of not only how to play but how to be kind in the most impressive ways. :D


In a sea of millions of forums it's nice to be able to come to a place where we can let our guard down and just relax to some friendly conversation eh? :D



Something that I love here at FDM which also has a big impact is the level of creativity/productivity found here. All sorts of folks banding together in order to tackle the various mysteries put forth by Ascaron. Always gives me great pleasure to see. Oh! And the range in ages here and how it seems to make no difference at all is also fascinating. Though the net provides opportunity for some nasty behaviour it also seems to provide great opportunity for civility on a level possibly not seen or fathomed in real life.


Thanx for the kind topic Chrenus. Wish I could have thought of this post when you made it!

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When you see old veterans (HC Player) coming back after almost two years just to say hello to the peeps here, you know it's a good place with a bunch of nice peeps. That's what I did, even if I was not playing online anymore.

I came back, every now and then and said hi to everyone. That's also cos' Gogo and Schot slap me with a big club if I didn't, but shhhh, you didn't hear anything.


IMO, FDM is mostly like your first love, even if you don't see them anymore, you always get a thought for them and can't forget them.


So much respect in the threads, so much fun in the game, and you can invert the statements, it's also true. I was proud of being one of the first wiki redactors, tried to do my best to improve it, sharing tips and tricks to get the best possible aspect. I must admit I had better times PMing the staff about the Wiki or the forum and writing articles than playing.

But real life got me...


Ya know, that's as with true friends, when you feel at ease with'em, not only during parties or pub-meetings, but also in tough moments.


DarkMatters, In the Dark, Friendship Matters.


More than that, I necroed this thread just to say how happy I was having some time to come around. And most of all, thanks for the warm "welcome back" you gave me.


So to all the members of this unique community, I'd like to say : "Men, Respect" you deserve it.


Cheers, next one on me. :viking:

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I am VERY new to this forum, and of the 5 or 6 forums I frequent regularly, this one is my favorite one.


It's the first one I check everyday, mostly to see if anyone has posted a new build or wants to trade.


No flamers or trolls is so out of the norm anywhere on the interwebs that it's almost scary at times.


Love the site, love the Wiki. Keep up the great work guys


P.S. One of these days I might have to try righting a build guide.

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  • 4 months later...

Thank you Jamie, very kind words, and inspiring. You're right, regarding communities that are rare without flaming, and that are busy. We've got both working here at DarkMatters, we'll cross our fingers and hope these types of discussions remain popular, and peeps continue to find value in them.





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