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Kseniya Vogel

A small fanfick on Sacred 2 (Temple Guardian)

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This story has been written by me in Russian, and I have translated it into English. Unfortunately, my English enough bad, and I can do errors... In advance I apologise!


Take me with you


... How many years I lived? I don't know. It is not important. Only the Great Machine interests me. I have been created to protect it. And T-Energy ... And what as a result?! ****** Seraphimes! This is their doing, I know!! But anything. One day I will necessarily find the Great Machine . I will make this work.


For the sake of it I constantly should kill. Basically - all idiots who stay in the way. Such sensation that these colonies of cages only also are able what to breed endlessly. You will kill one - and there and then ten climb on its place. It us, Guards, probably, also does not remain at all. Except me, was still almost one hundred... What has happened? Where all? Yes, I know, certainly. All of them are killed. And I - not immortal. No. While there is a T-Energy - I will live. Or yet I will not meet on the way of the opponent much more strongly me. MY opponent. The world... We was made to protected this world. Simple idea. Yes. But now it is only utopia.


I have passed much. Much enough. Has killed many. But it is not enough of it. I understand it. But now I have got tired. We, Guards, are not able to sleep, as people. Our system works without failures. Only in a flash we are vulnerable - if there is a Reboot. During such moments it is possible to take us "barehanded". In effect people, and all other multicellular biosystems where are more vulnerable us. . They are too impulsive. The one who created them, - has committed an error. Yes, people name me passionless. Superfluous emotions are not necessary to me. I know the business, and I will do it, while energy has enough for this purpose. The more magic and other ugly creatures will die - the better.Sometimes, the truth, I nevertheless should help people. If the person himself asks about the help, or it is important for me. For example, owns the necessary information. But it happens absolutely seldom. But even less often people desire to help me.

But now something happens. Last fight was too heavy for me. My battery has been broken. Energy leaves me. It is my fault. I know. Soon I can not neither move, nor speak. My system at first will stop, then will die. As on harm, here there are no dealers. And they hardly would help. By means of make-shifts I managed to block leak to keep the energy rests, but it is not enough of it. I go, but forces almost do not remain. That ugly creature remained behind, killed me. But I am more - not force centre. If me will attack - to be protected I cannot any more.



How hard to go! Feet hardly obey me. I go through a field. The grass on it is cut. Round feet at each step the dust cloudlet flies up. I find a sight a small stack and sit on a ground. I breathe. Each sigh is given very hard. The power pulsation round me dies away. Well, give! You are a Temple Guardian, you - should go! I try to be understood. It is useless. The battery was almost discharged. Everything that remains to me, - it is stupid to sit and wait, when the system will be disconnected, a fragment behind a fragment...



The stupid and deaf despair has captured me. A pain was inside, braiding me. And so that other guards when left felt!! I was last. There is nobody to protect T-energy more. Mission is ruined...



Here my touch gauges have caught to the right of me any movement. Hardly I have turned a head. And - it is unexpected for myself has met the eyes of eyes... It was the person! The woman, young. By sight to it was years nineteen. Having seen me, she has screamed for fear. I indifferently looked at it. Kill her I cannot. And there is no need. People should live. Such is desire of the Owner who has created me and the Great Machine .



People... They can continue themselves. To take this female. It is young and will soon bring posterity. I will die also Guardians will disappear for ever. Nevertheless these colonies of cages in something are more perfect, than we...



Meanwhile the female at the sight of me has screamed and has shut the face with the hands, mechanically having receded back. On her there was a simple dress from the cheapest fabric. Long hair of a light shade are pulled together in a plait. I was not going to kill her. One person it is good. It is possible to try to ask for it the help. Hardly it can help, but it is necessary try. Probably, it has an information on those who can repair me.



- Not afraid. I will not kill you. - My voice sounded more silently, than usually. Dynamics gradually refused. But she has heard.



- Who are you? - She has whispered, without tearing off hands from the face.



- I'm Temple Guardian. I am wounded. The help is necessary to me.



- I see. - Her sight has stopped on my breast. I covered with the right hand a wound. On fingers streamlets of a blue concentrate of Energy have run. - I'm Inkara. Daughter of Gerdris.



I have hardly considerably nodded.


- My Battery is damaged. Energy leaves. I cannot soon speak. The system will be disconnected. Please help me. Find the one who can restore me.

- You are not similar to others. I never saw the beings similar to you. I do not know anybody who can repair you.



I have answered nothing. This female is so silly, as well as other people. Means, all. Means, the end.



- Though... Perhaps, I can try.



- You? - I have turned back.



- Yes... My grandfather... Once for a long time he served at one person... In a Temple. There there was a Mashine.... That person was able to repair it. He has learnt my grandfather to much. Grandfather has transferred the ability to my father, and to me... The Truth not completely...



- Why? - I have asked.



- Because he has died. - Female has simply answered. - Let's go. At my home there were many tools and details... I can Probably make something.



- I hardly can go. Energy has not enough.



- Anything. Keep for me... Here so. Here nearby, we will reach.



She has approached to me and has knelt. Our sights were crossed. My muzzle was reflected in her pupils. - So strange... You're made of metal, - but your sight as a human.



- It's only a self-deception.



- it is surprising... - She has hitched up eyebrows. - Temple Guardian... It seems no me, I heard your name from the grandfather earlier. All right. There we will understand. We will go. - And she has dexterously dived under to me a hand . - Give! Try to rise! Well! You strong, you will consult!



- I cannot.



- No, you can. You can!! Well! - and she pushed me. - If you now can rise, - you will live.



- OK. - I have answered. Last rests of T-energy have almost left me. And still... Nevertheless it is necessary to try. I have rested a knee against the earth and have tried to push away at once become heavy and disobedient body from the earth. Hardly, but my body has given in to this effort. But, it was necessary to me to rise, - as weakness has there and then captured me. - I cannot go.



- No, you can. Keep for me, more strong. - The female has substituted the back so that I could transfer a part of the weight on her. Completely lean against her I could not - my weight was too hard for her. And still I went... Rearranged feet more precisely. My system has started to be turned off gradually. - The system is disconnected.



- Anything. - She has spoken, accelerating a step. - Here is close.



And the truth. Twenty minutes ago I have found out that we have really come. Here was big decayed house. Having slightly opened a door, the girl has dragged me inside literally. Not in forces to stand on the feet, I have fallen to a timber floor.



-No,No! Not here. Wait. - She has seized my hands and has dragged behind itself. It was awful. Never before I was in such position in relation to the human.



- Here. - She has brought me on other half of house. Here it was warm. The female has accurately turned me on a back. Her touches responded pleasant and unfamiliar sensation. She was inclined over me. - So. Now lie. Not move and try to speak. Also try not to allow to be disconnected your system! I now.



She has left. Before my eyes there was a ceiling. The weariness and a pain spread on a body. The human... So it is strange...



The Girl has disappeared. It seemed, there has passed the whole eternity when she has returned. All this time I tried to keep System of the included. But cells nevertheless were disconnected. But at last steps nearby were heard.



- How I also thought. I managed to find something... - She was inclined again over me. - You hear me? How you?



I have still kept ability to hear, but to speak could not any more. Only has slightly stirred finger-tips. She has understood.



- Good. I have found for you the new battery, apparently, it is called. Only I do not know. Whether it will approach you...



With these words she has begun to feel my breast.



- H'm... There should be special clamps... Aha. - I could help nothing to her. It was necessary to hope for her ingenuity only.



Here her fingers have groped small deepenings on each side my breast.



- Well, it is final, here they... So, now we pull them on themselves... Here so.



The protective casing has been removed from my breast. Now she could see all principal organs of management of my body.



- Oh, how interesting! Symbiosis of metal and live muscles... In accuracy that the grandfather described! And after all he is live, live! Amazingly... What harmony! So, now I should disconnect system... Here so. - IShe has opened contacts. During the following instant I have fallen asleep... And when has woken up - the first, that I have felt, - there was a Force. Energy pulsed again in me. It pulsed in my veins. The computer there and then has obligingly thrown the message: "system Reboot is finished". I have with astonishment looked at the female.



- How you have made it?



- Yes here so. The truth was necessary to tinker - nevertheless you are very combined...



- Your grandfather served in the Temple of the Great Mashine?



- Yes. - She has nodded.



- You know, where it is?



But she only has moved her shoulders.



- Sorry. I do not know it. Nobody knows. The grandfather spoke to nobody.



- Clear. - I have answered easy. Well, its answer was quite predicted. - Thanks that has repaired me.



- Nothing. - She answered, but something seemed to me strange.



- There's a grief in your voice. Why?



- I do not know. - she has shrugged shoulders. - I'm afrade.



- Why?



- I'm alone. After war all districts has become empty. I don't know, for that tomorrow to wait.



- And?



- You after all will leave?


- I should execute mission.



- I understand...



- I should pay your work.



She has nodded. I was pulled to a purse. But she has discharged my hand.



- Money is not necessary to me.



- Why?



- Take me with you.



- What for?



- Are you don't understand? - She has blinked the eyes.



- No. Your purpose is not clear to me.



- I wish to learn to protect and others. I want that the order has again returned to this world. The father... I did not speak, but. He was killed. He lay on suburb of the village, torn to pieces. I wish to find the murderer.



- Also it is all? - I understood that she says lies. No, her interests not only revenge.



- And what difference? -She has looked away. - OK, I say. I wish to find theGreat Mashine. I wish to learn everything that my grandfather and its teacher knew. - She has spent her finger-tips on my breast. Strange - the restored power field has not caused it harm. - well as? You will take me with you?



Our eyes have met. I knew, I will accept what decision. Foreknew, still when the first time has seen her there, in the field.



- Yes. - And once again, in the affirmative having nodded. - Yes.


07.01.2009 by Kseniya Vogel

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