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In Topic: Where'd you go to school?

Today, 09:41 AM

There are no pictures of the school I went to. It doesn't exist anymore and the buildings got demolished.  :bye:

Was it in the Netherlands? Maybe there's historical photos if you google it?





In Topic: Your Location

Today, 09:03 AM

I live in Schagen, the Netherlands, North Holland. It's a pretty boring small town of about 21.000 people, a lot of babyboomers and not much opportunity.  :nooo:

I have lived in Adelaide, South Australia for the last six years and intend to go back next year. Absolutely love that place and can't wait to be there again! (And stay!)  :dance:

I won't bother you with family history to explain why I feel attracted to certain Anglo/European countries, but definitely  :viking: !

Netherlands... lots and lots of bikes and paths? I think I relate to this as my home here Montreal has over the years spent a lof of money on the Bixi systems and has tons of bike paths which take you all over the city.  As I'm center city, I can pretty much boot over to any part of the town by just riding over the mountain and right into work.  Love it.  I always get a pass every year, even if I dont get to use it so much in a week, I feel like I'm contributing to the overall "greeness" of the community.  There's hundreds of stations all over Montreal, the summer pass is cheap, and the stations are solar powered... wahoooooooooooooooo...







In Topic: The Related Word Game - 2017!

Today, 08:57 AM

elite -> Star Trek Elite Force 2


Boy did I ever love this game





In Topic: Another "Getting to know you quiz"...

Yesterday, 05:57 PM

Thank you! You guys (and guyettes!) seem like a funny and friendly bunch so I thought: Why not?  :drunkards:

One of the best communties in the interwebs!




In Topic: The Related Word Game - 2017!

Yesterday, 05:52 PM

time turner -> Tina Turner