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#6970901 Is Sacred 2 bigger than World of Warcraft?

Posted by VarencaTible on 05 July 2014 - 11:37 PM

I think sacred 1 had a larger map and the expansion  added th eunderwold to it that was half the size of the base games map,  So yes sacred 2 has a larger map then  world of war craft as world of war craft is contrifed out of several loose maps. in an over arching game world,  where sacred 2 placed the  expansions ......expansion ( god I hate me for saying that) on the same map and made the map it self larger . But taking expansions out of the  sum  shows that sacred 2 is larger  then the base game of WoW.

IT is the same reason you cannot say minecraft has the largest map , as there is no map , it is just chunk loading  and  yes you can create maps in the game  it are just loaded chunks  and not really a map 

Why am I replying to a  more then 3 year old thread? becuas I can , this is the internet.