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21 June 2017 - 06:06 AM

Well I can finally say she's close to being 100% again. All physical therapy just finished and she's out of the concussion protocol. She was diagnosed with a stage 2 concussion (4 stages, 1 being the worst). Took a couple months to get down to stage 3 and finally in June she was declared concussion free.


Bad timing as she was a senior (but she graduated and was able to maintain her grades...still on National Honor Society). Part of the concussion treatment was no tests, quizzes, homework etc; 1/2 days at school and no working/driving at all. Somehow she made it through all that and maintained an 'A' grade.


Been a long stressful year so far for her. So she has decided to take a year off and start college in 2018. Not what I want but I totally understand. Will still go to community college here and work on her math grades. We got a bunch of scholarship money but she just missed out on a lot more. So she's hoping improving her grades and working with disabled children this year will help out.


Still waiting on lawsuit and stuff...guess it will be a while before any settlement happens. At least my insurance paid off the car. So she was without a vehicle for awhile. I was going to sell my truck and upgrade. My old truck only had 35,000 miles on it and was in mint condition so I just gave it to her. Been so busy at work I've been driving work van home lately so wasn't even using truck much. So using work van now. At some point I'll buy a new one.

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22 April 2017 - 07:12 PM

This is what I mean about flawed characters and drama....


My 1st 3 characters were carefully selected and my colony was going very well. Running so good it's almost boring. Then I get a distress call and rescue a lady named Emma since she was great at constructing. I didn't look at health issues and probably should have. She had a little bit of a drug problem and I don't allow drugs in my colony, I didn't have any anyways.


Slowly and surely she regresses due to drug withdrawal...always at a mental break risk. But I've weathered other withdrawals before and know her condition is only temporary. But she goes on a beserk rage before making it through rehab. And for the safety of my other colonists, they were forced to resort to deadly force to subdue her. And in the process of 'calming' her down, she has her left leg shot off :o


So now she cannot walk and therefore useless to me...on a good note she's no longer beserk. Well my medical research hasn't progressed that far but I decide to have my best doctor try and perform a surgery to attach a wooden peg leg. 1st try isn't successful and Emmy sustains a cut to her torso (don't ask...not sure how Lillith could bungle it that bad...supposedly at her medical skill level she is a 'very strong expert') I should note I do not have any medical facilities of any kind yet.


I figure the 1st surgery is a fluke and try again. Went even worse...she bungled it so bad she ended up killing Emmy. So now have have no one even remotely competent at constructing. Lillith being distraught goes into a mental daze and starts wandering aimlessly. And of course there's a raid coming.


At this point Lillith is wandering right in the direction where raid is coming from and nothing I can do to stop her. So I run out to meet raid, instead of hiding behind my defenses. I can't lose Lillith as she is my only 'good' doctor. Well the raiders get to her first and kill her. And now my other colonists are in a bad position to fight from. I manage to fight off the raid but Gert sustains mortal wounds. She dies before I can get her back to the base. She is my best cook/grower.


So because of a simple drug withdrawal, the subsequent chain of events lead me to lose my best doctor, builder, grower and cook. I went from a prospering and healthy colony to one on the brink of collapse all in the span of less than a day...that's drama for you :P

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22 April 2017 - 03:19 PM

Oh there's no time limit on re-rolling characters....you could spend the whole day doing it if you wanted. But there is no such thing as a perfect character. There are 12 skills..some are super important like Medicine. If you have a poor doctor, you're in for a very rough start and probably short time staying alive. Some are less important like Artistic...oh it's nice to have but if all your colonists are bad at it, you won't miss it and you won't use it at all in the first year or two anyways.


Then once you get a character good in skills you like, you have to look at their traits...some can outright make the character you just spent time re-rolling completely useless. I can usually overlook or deal with one bad trait but having 2 or 3 typically makes them unplayable..especially if they are negative mood modifiers.


So now you have skills you like and traits you like....just one more thing....Health. And they can also be character stopping. Dementia, Frail, Drug Addiction and Bad Back are just some that will really make you think about re-rolling an otherwise good character.


And all 3, Skills/Traits/Health are rolled together so you can't pick and choose what you like and re-roll just some of it. It's all or nothing. There are some mods where you can manually edit every aspect of character creation but it's not for me. I want good characters, not perfect ones. And having flawed characters is soo much closer to reality and honestly makes the game so much more engaging and fun. Your characters actually, umm, have character. You'll find yourself having favorites and rolling you eyes when your not so great ones do something stupid.


Like Tobbe...I rescued Tobe from some pirates. But Tobbe really couldn't do anything well. So Tobbe was my designated hauler/cleaner. While in the midst of a raid approaching, he decided he needed to go and get some steel that I was mining quite a ways from my base. He literally just walked right by the raiders coming from the other direction. The raiders literally stopped for a moment not believing he would walk right by them. They stood for a moment and then gave chase. Did I mention Tobbe had the 'Slowpoke' trait? Didn't take long for them to catch up and fill him wih a bunch of holes.


I now have an opening for a new janitor....room and board, meals and an assault rifle included

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22 April 2017 - 07:17 AM

My daughter is even getting into it....she'll watch for an hour or 2 just about every day...she really loves the interactions of the colonists and of course,  the dogs. She's talked me into playing on the hardest difficulty this weekend, and picking which biome the base will be in. Playing perma-death, so no resorting to an earlier save if things go sideways.
She also wants me to play with the 3 game generated colonists. I can spend up to an hour re-rolling colonists til I get the right traits/stats. I usually try get ones that are not incapable of any task. But if I just use the 3 the game generates, it might mean I have no fire fighters or a terrible doctor or no crop growers etc. If I do it, chances are the first year will be incredibly difficult if not impossible. So I'll probably try it lol

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21 April 2017 - 06:05 AM

Well I thought I was becoming a pretty good player.....and have been slowly ramping up difficulty the last few weeks. There are 6 difficulties.


Base Builder

Some Challenge





Been playing on Rough mostly but decided to skip Intense and go right to Extreme. And not only that but try the 'Extreme Sea Ice Challenge' and 'Extreme Desert Challenge'. And I mean 'try'. It is very humbling to die on your first day (over and over and over). You have to do things in a certain order and pray your colonist doesn't fail any task that first day or you will die...from hypothermia on Sea Ice or heat stroke in Desert. Also pray that the random events aren't catastrophic. Losing power to your air conditioners or heaters can be a death sentence.


So I backed off and just playing Intense in a more forgiving biome rigt now and doing ok. Survived a Volcanic Winter,  Toxic Fallout and Blight all at same time. Wasn't pretty but didn't lose anyone. Learned that defenses and micro-managing your colonists during battle are vital to surviving.


I would love to do a 'Let's Play' of me playing the game but I don't have a very good voice for playthroughs and typically I'm quiet anyways until something bad happens and, well, bad things may be said....frequently lol


But if you want to see what can go wrong, check out this Let's Play from Blitz on Youtube. He's playing on an Ice Sheet on Extreme difficulty(not to be confused with Sea Ice which is much harder) and it's from Alpha 11. Game is up to Alpha 16 now so many things have changed but the basic gameplay is pretty close to the same. Each episode is about 30 minutes and there are at least 20 of them.


Watched these when I first started playing and learned a lot. He was rather ambitious with his base building and it ends up hurting him quite a bit until he finally finsihes most of it. Learned you start small, stay small and only gradually increase your base as you acquie more colonists/wealth. Not having enough workers makes every job take forever if you have several things going on at once. It's better to concentrate on 1 or 2 things early on.


In the first video...skip to the 6:15 mark if you want to bypass all the game setup and just want to see gameplay.