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18 March 2017 - 06:34 PM

I've been looking for a decent base building game for awhile. Rimworld isn't exactly new as it was released in 2016. But I hesitated buying it mostly due to simplistic graphics. Wish I had bought this long ago as while the graphics are basic, it works.


While it is a base building game...it is soo much more..it is more like a crazy story evolving before your eyes. I could describe the game but I would not do it justice...I think the essence of the game is more suited by telling the story of my first year.


3 survivors crash land on a foreign and hostile planet. within seconds...and I do mean seconds..I didn't even get to issue one command...Engie and Nicole got into a fistfight because Nicole took offense to something Engie said. So 15 seconds into game and I already need medical . Jung just stares and does nothing (mostly because I have no clue how to give him commands yet)


After that dustup, the 3 originals seem to get along fairly well. Well until a wolf ate Engie's pet cat. Totally my fault as I had a bed for the cat but somehow a rabbit 'self'tamed' itself and also bonded to Engie. The rabbit was first in for the night and took the bed, so the cat was forced to sleep outside, And a hungry wolf found her sleeping and well umm that was it for my first pet. Engie took it pretty hard and wandered aimlessly in grief, not eating or talking to anyone. Didn't mind her not eating as I had very little food at that time.


Over a couple days Engie slowly recovers and becomes a productive member of my small group. She even named the rabbit Yulo after it cuddled with her....awww, now ain't that just the sweetest thing?


During first week I managed to figure out how to build a shelter, grow crops, and get some basic utilities going. Feeling more confident each day.......But then we get a distress call....a refugee begging for help from pirates.....I can't not help right?


Well I found out the hard way that poor quality weapons take forever to kill anyone. While it was only 1 pirate, all 3 sustained fairly significant injuries. Looks like  few days of no production coming up. Found it really really is beneficial to have the most qualified and only the most qualified person craft stuff like weapons.


Nothing much  (bad) happened for a few weeks and I was able to expand my base and get air conditioning and upgrade many amenities. Got a few more colonists including the girl I saved from the pirate. Unfortunately she can do nothing well. So she justs cleans and hauls stuff and mutters constantly under her breath. 2 of her traits are slothful and pessimistic...sigh...should have let the pirate have her.


And then all hell broke loose. Simultaneously got a heat wave and solar eclipse...and the eclipses last for DAYS....So I lost all ability to keep all my food cool...all of it is starting to spoil and everyone is getting food poisoning...more trips to medical......Was using solar panels but once the eclipse started my batteries ran dry in about 10 hours. Outside is about 135°F and inside base is over 100. Everyone is complaining....all 3 at minor break risk now.


So I thought I would build a generator that uses wood as a fuel to get my base temperatures down...but as I was gathering material for generator I got a warning a mad elephant was descending on my camp


The tooltip said if I hid inside my base and barred the doors I would be safe. So I did that and boy I am glad I did. Some traders from a nearby village just happened to arrive hours after elephant did and the 2 inevitably met.


It did not go well for the traders. 4 of the 5 dead or incapacitated, all their pack animals are dead. One was able to flee but 2 are badly wounded and will die soon without help. But after I saw what that elephant did to them, no way I'm going out there. I'll make them some nice graves as a consolation. The elephant is stampeding and bleeding out all over the place....maybe it'll die (fingers crossed). So the traderrs got a few good swings in before they got trampled.


Since I'm stuck in the base and now temps are over 110°F, I built the generator inside my base and I'm tearing up anything made of wood to fuel it....So I now have no tables, chairs or beds.....the walls will be next if I can't get out of here.....I hope this game hasn't thought about carbon monoxide posioning...having this generator inside cannot be good...at least it's getting cooler.


The elephant just collapsed due to blood loss and is unconcious...I wonder how much meat/leather an elephant has? Yup those are the type of questions this game has you asking....the eclipse ended and batteries are coming back online so hopefully I can shut of the generator soon. All my colonists are either at major or extreme mental health break risk...I got to get outside soon and get some materials...maybe even see if that elephant is really down for the count......But just got a notice that a mad alpaca is on it's way.....


I can handle a single mad alpaca right?

Got the scare of my life recently

12 February 2017 - 08:24 AM

Haven't been active for a bit as real life got all serious on me. But let me start by saying my daughter is ok, no broken bones or life threatening injuries.


But I got the scare of my life a few weeks ago. She was going to school and was involved in a car accident. The other driver cut in front of her and she had no chance to react.


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So I get to work and get a call from one of her teachers. Accident happened just before her school and the teacher was on her way there too. She was the first to help out my daughter. At first I thought she fell or something at school but slowly it dawned on me that she was in a car accident.


She let Robin talk to me on the phone for a bit and I could understand nothing. She was so scared and crying that she couldn't speak. Now I'm freaking out but in the back of my mind, I know she's 'ok'. She was good enough to at least try to talk to me.


So I haul arse to hospital. I beat the ambulance by 25 minutes easy. So I spent what felt like an eternity waiting for ambulance to arrive. I finally get to see her. The poor thing, she was sooooo upset. The left side of her face was all swollen and bruised, a burn on her left cheek from airbag (didn't know this could happen, but I guess it's a common occurence), bloody nose and lips, bruised chest, and both legs badly swollen, especially the knees which were already turning purple. And a couple cuts on her hands, though we're not sure how she got those


She ended with a concussion, 2 neck vetebrae that shifted and 2 badly sprained knees. Had a plethora of tests done, but we were finally able to leave hospital after about 12 hours. And this is why I think my daughter is an alien....while we were waiting in between xrays/cat scan etc.....she was doing her homework while on the bed! I told her it could wait but I think it helped her concentrate on something else...sort of like therapy for her.


Right now we're doing therapy for her concussion and neck. Next week will probably start therapy on her legs once the swelling is finally gone. It is going down but just seems it's taking forever. There's an outside chance she'll need neck surgery :o


But she was lucky...she stopped at a coffee shop that is just down the street from school. When she got back in her car after getting coffee to drive maybe a 1/4 mile to school, she didn't put her seat belt back on. She always wears it and I've constantly preached it to her. All it takes is one time and it got her. Very painful lesson to learn, but I doubt she'll ever make the mistake again. Considering the damage done to car, she is very fortunate.


The car is a total loss. And her smart phone, tablet and laptop also were ruined. So once all her friends starting hearing about it and trying to contact her, they couldn't. And for one friend it was very traumatic. Her best friend Autumn also goes to school with her and passed by the accident a few minutes after it happened. She thought it was Robin's car but wasn't sure and continued to school. Once at school she realizes it was Robin and then overhears a conversation that someone saw the medics pulling out a body bag. Well these 2 are the best of best friends and Autumn freaks out. She can't contact Robin and got so upset her mom had to get her. She came down to hospital trying to see her and that's when a nurse asked if I would allow someone to see Robin. Once I knew who it was, I immediately brought her down to room. Poor girl was an emotional wreck.


Once I got Robin's phone fixed a few days later, there must have been 300-400 texts just from that morning from all her friends. 100 just from Autumn. She has a lot of good good friends. Had a least 50 swing by house and her boyfriend has spent every moment he can with her. Even helping out with rides to all these appointments.


I'm just glad I talked to her before I saw the pics of her car. They were up on internet within 2 hours. Also kudos to the school principal. He rushed down there as soon as he heard one of his students was in an accident and stayed with her and helped calm her down until she went for an ambulance ride.


And Robin, being an alien, only missed 4 days of school. while she doesn't handle stress very well, she's a lot tougher, resilient than she looks. So at the end of the day I just count my blessings, because it could have easily been much much worse. She is my 'little everything' and I would be lost without her.