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  2. Fire Elf tips for a new player

    Here I go again... with relation to this fire elf I want to roll now - shall I start on bronze or silver...I do not really suck all that much at rpgs if I start on bronze can I switch up to silver or the other way around - from silver to bronze ? or is it possible only by starting a new game? - expert touch on or off? because once chose there is no turning back...aside from starting a new game... cheers
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  4. Using the opportunity I would like to thank you, Flix, for this mod I am currently use only 2 mods : Community Patch and Reduced fog, this is a perfect thing for such lazyasses as me, who want to play and have no desire to meddling with graphic editor, your mod is perfectly balanced between clear vision and gray sky, good job!
  5. Pure mage - fire or ice?

    GT is so OP, ice all the way.
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  7. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    mixer => gathering
  8. Fire Elf tips for a new player

    If you want some beneficial jewelry to compliment your build, then Bargaining is a good idea. You can boost skills and fire damage and speed your toon's regeneration time as well as boost her combat arts and casting speed. You may go without Combat Discipline or even Shield Lore. Whichever you choose, be sure to forge in or wear some jewelry with item modifiers to help make up for what you lost in either skill. It's a trade off of sorts but it's worth it, in my opinion. My advice is that you should post here in this thread, as creating too many threads would clutter the forum and make it confusing as well as harder to find what you (and others) are looking for. The title that you selected is very good and would serve to aid others with the same or similar advice and queries.
  9. Hi guys, I love RPGs, I really like Sacred and this site that u guys run I just made a small (monthly) donation to the cause via paypal...it is really small but atm we are on a budget (small one too let me add ) anyway, keep up a good work cheers!
  10. Fire Elf tips for a new player

    Thank you I just love fire magic so I do not mind a little struggle to have my share of fun. Btw, I did play Sacred 2 years back and I remember something about bargaining...would u recommend it? in Loco's build is there some whiggle room? And last thing - shall I happen to have some questions (which I will surely ) do I continue in this thread or start a new one each time I have...an issue? cheers!
  11. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    agitator => mixer
  12. Pure mage - fire or ice?

    I believe that the two are closely matched, although Crystal Skin provides the Mystic Stormite with additional protection but the mob killing speed of the Arrant Pyromancer's Blazing Tempest and the boss killing rapidity of her Incendiary Shower evens thing out. If you can destroy them before they can do you enough harm, then you have a survivable build. The High Elf isn't as noob-friendly as the Shadow Warrior or the Seraphim, but if you check out and pattern your build to the one which I linked to in your previous thread here you won't go wrong.
  13. Fire Elf tips for a new player

    This is by far my favorite High Elf Pyromancer build: Loco's Pyromante With a bit of intuitive tweaking you may model an Ice High Elf after it, substituting Mystic Stormite Lore & Mystic Stormite Focus in place of Arrant Pyromancer Lore & Arrant Pyromancer Focus. The High Elf is my favorite character to play and my specialty. So, if you need some advise please feel welcome to ask.
  14. Pure mage - fire or ice?

    Hi again, for a pure caster what would u recommend - fire or ice? and how would u rate the two elements with regard to: - killing speed - mobs and bosses; - survivability; - noob-friendliness...;) cheers!
  15. Fire Elf tips for a new player

    Hello guys, I'ts been ages since I last played sacred and sacred 2. this time I've decided to run a fire based elf, fireball, firewall, meteor...fire used to be my favourite element back in DII days too. I could really use some tips on how to get started and how to go about this toon so that I dont mess anything up please Any tips for an old / new player? to make my life easier? Cheers !!!
  16. Than you guys! I will be installing tomorrow then as now its late here and bedtime Btw, I shall go fire elf route in case I encounter any issues I will let u know here. cheers!
  17. Here is the link to the final release of the Community Patch 160. Here are the instructions: 1) Install Sacred 2 Gold (delete any previous versions first, if any exist) 2) Open the CM 160 Patch 3) Download the Hotfix and follow the simple instructions 4) Add any desired mods (many of the mods or features of them have been included, such as Elite Mounts) There are some Dragon Mage Build Guides Here Please let us know if you have any issues. Otherwise, enjoy!
  18. Hello Jacek, you should install the Community Patch, here is the thread to latest version: A hotfix is on releasing though: You can read the thread while waiting for other more complete answers. Cheers
  19. ahahah yes maybe, I don't remember.
  20. Hi guys, I just got my copy of Sacred 2 from gog and I have a few questions: 1. is this ver good to play out of the box or does it require additional patches? 2. are there any known issues / bugs I shall be aware of before starting playing the game? 3. could you please link some good Sacred 2 guides? 4. I would like to play a mage class, preferably with fireball and maybe some other spells, like ice based, if there are any - could you make some recommendations? cheers
  21. There was one user who meant to keep the flying leaves and he reported no crashes with the original physxExt though, so if someone's willing to do the same it's good advice. PS: It was probably you Desm, ha ha.
  22. Yes indeed, but personnaly I can't play without the leaves and all, they are so beautiful
  23. Community Patch 1.60 Beta Test Release

    PhysX effects from spells are still present, its just that the leaves, branches, stones, other persistent litter are gone. I would've kept them, but finding out, that, while on ground, they constantly oscillate up/down(up close it looks like a swarm of bugs) was a final straw.
  24. And if you still want the PhysX effects, before installing cm 0160, back-up the file physxext.zip in ...\Sacred 2 Gold\pak, then install 0160 and then reput the file where it was, replacing the new one (make a back-up of the 0160 file which is 10ko if you want first). And check "Execute as admin" too in the Sacred 2 shortcut properties.
  25. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    instigator => agitator
  26. Hey Yes, you should still use those startup options. Other than that if you want to use Elite Textures please use the trimmed version posted here (they work!):
  27. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Perpetrator-> instigator 😀 gogo
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