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  2. The one promising brief invis/invulnerability (wiki says 4 sec) doesn't seems work at all
  3. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    truce => ceasefire
  4. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    quarter => truce
  5. I have the option to change my signature, but I didn't actually try it to see if it works.
  6. I've tried that on PC and it didn't work... but not on mobile; I guess I'll just try it there! Thanks!
  7. Good question. I'm on mobile but hopefully PC is close enough. Expand the menu then Account and Account Settings. You should see a Signature option on the left.
  8. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    quartermaster -> quarter
  9. Also, on the topic of how to find your way around the new DarkMatters, I can no longer find the way to change my signature. I know the answer is right under my nose, but I can't seem to find it. Haaallp.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    Well, the build works, but I kind of cheated since I've got specific equipment from the download section and a ladder of shoppers to back it up with +all skills jewellery all the way to Niobium. I'd probably do some variations on it if I were to play it again now. Very basically it's a mish mash of several similar builds. I use Magic Coup as my main attack, one handed weapon with shield for melee blocking+Shield Lore mastered (after DAF/DAL/CONS/AL in this order), with Shadow Step modded as an offensive skill (Explosion mod), where the tactic is walking around shield in hand, evade with Shadow Step causing damage and stunning mobs, then switching to a bow (secondary weapon slot) and finishing them from afar. I just run around that routine and have Expulse Magic to cover the rest. For staying alive it's a mixture of Constitution and Shield Lore mastery, all attribute points in Vitality, Spell Resistance for Niobium (enemy spells), and Crystal Skin as a secondary buff. The trick with CS is that if you're playing with it you actually need to have both Mystic Stormite Focus and Lore for it to be effective. You only need to mod it to Silver, so five points will do (Gold mod won't do you any service anyway), but if you don't use the Focus skill you won't have much level behind it, and without the Lore skill the resistance value will be thin as paper. Just with +all skills bonuses and both skills you can get a base resistance value of several thousands, which with Armour Lore mastery will make your global armour value in the tens of thousands. That's basically it, and like any Delphic melee build it's extremely demanding in terms of having the appropriate gear. That's why I abused LAN with shoppers and had a Kira's Wall as a shield taken from the Download section. I know, shame on me, but I wanted to run it like that. There's probably nothing better than Kira's Wall+Kaldur's Legacy for such a build. PS (that math may not be entirely correct, but it's approximate enough): 2 - DAL (5 -> DAF@LV.5) => 1ST MAST@75 3 - CONC (1 -> 2ND BUFF) 5 - DAF => 2ND MAST@75 8 - CD (1 -> 10% REGEN) 12 - AL => 3RD MAST@78 18 - CONS => 4TH MAST@81 25 - SL => 5TH MAST@111 35 - SR => 6TH MAST@111 50 - MSF (3 -> CS BRONZE MOD) 65 - MSL (2 -> CS SILVER MOD)
  12. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    store => quartermaster
  13. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    I started one but she's only at level 11, Silver. She's not having to use health against Kobolds and I like the chain damage with Cobalt Strike. I'll take a look at your build, certainly, yet I stubbornly change the builds of others to find something unique and individual. Are you sure that you don't want to share your build with the community yet? I plan on updating the build that I am working on for my Single Buff Mystic Stormite lady. She's rocking Niob now at level 96.
  14. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    convenience => store
  15. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    You haven't played with a Delphic HE yet? Man you're missing out then! I can hand you over my build if you will. Just hit me via PM if you want it.
  16. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    That all makes good sense. I have yet to master Speed Lore in any of my prior High Elf builds as it doesn't augment her Mystic Stormite or Arrant Pyromancer Combat Arts (as is so with the other Offensive Skills). Your clever build takes advantage of a Delphic Arcania Build, one with which I have not yet tinkered. I look forward to seeing your final results.
  17. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    I read you, though the lv.150-200 boundary is the least of my worries. The +1/+1/+1 distribution is intended to "just" reinforce the shortcomings of the build, or in other words to emphasise the aspects that were built throughout the previous character progression. But in any case Speed Lore mastery just further increases run speed, so we're cool.
  18. Yes. We still haven't decided which version to use for that.
  19. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    You have grasped the concept of defense balance well and have a sound build planned, in my assessment. You may wish to examine how Speed Lore Mastery would affect its effectiveness during later progression before determining whether or not any more points need be invested in Dexterity.
  20. What happened to the blacksmith changes? Will they only be available in enhanced edition?
  21. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    shelf => convenience
  22. The Related Song Game

    The Who -> won't get fooled again Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out?
  23. Continue with 3 words only

    was high priority
  24. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    We Invite Norwegians Every Sunday. P A S T E
  25. In GOG version at least, all you need is the Trimmed Elite Textures, if that's what you're planning to use. The menu option popped up after I installed them. Could save some bandwidth and disk space.
  26. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    I think I have to eat my own words when it comes to the attributes. Speed Lore increases attack and defense values alike, but in percentual terms, which means it still needs a solid base value to work on. And like I mentioned in the build's synergies, adding +attack/defense value gear increases the skill's proficiency. So yeah Hooyaah, I'm thinking that for the lower end of the progression Dexterity is probably the best bet in terms of attribute placement. That is while only one point is given. It should be enough to build a solid amount of +attack/defense values in the character and have it progress naturally from the increase in level and SB from lv.50 onwards. By then I can start investing in Intelligence, two points at a time, in order to maximize the effect of wielding a magic staff. For the later progression (lv.150-200) I was thinking about probably dividing the three attribute points between Dexterity, Intelligence and Willpower to maximize all aspects of the build in terms of attributes.
  27. You don't actually need a guide, just download the ISO then mount it and install (you can use Daemon Tools Lite for ex.). Simple as that. Next time you start the game the Elite option will be visible in the graphic options menu.
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