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Fallen Angel High Elf Builds

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  1. Single Player High Elf Level 75 No Skills

    This High Elf is playable from the start in the Single Player mode and her campaign progress will be saved unless played in the Multiplayer mode. Be sure to select from Bronze and Silver level. If you select Bronze you will begin play from the very beginning at the academy. If Silver is selected your character will appear in the heart of Sloeford. The character has "eaten" 12 each of every type of rune. She is fully armored and armed, after you choose from the available skills she will be even better prepared to play.
    The big advantage of this "build" is that you may utilize this character in order to experiment with different skill choices without having to continually start from scratch. Her name, Verya Authiel means "Battle Maiden" in the language of the Elves. Verily, may she serve you well, Lords and Ladies.


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  2. High Elf Level 75 - No Skills

    Here is a simple way to try out different skills available to the High Elf without spending countless hours leveling her up to where things get really interesting and she can then master some few skills. This High Elf has an accompanying chest with runes for each available Combat Art in order to get you started. "High Elf" is a bit to generic so I gave her the name Lothiriel, which means Bloom, flower, or Blossom in Elfish. She's armed, armored, and has right from the start over 100% damage mitigation. She has a few personal effects in her personal chest and she has sufficient gold reserves to get her started well.


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    • Rune Stacking - Yes or No?
      We can add the ability to stack runes.  Doing so will save inventory space.  But, it will also make the bonuses on all runes in the stack identical.  So, if you have a low level Darting Assault Rune with +1 Darting Assault and 2.0% Chance to Poison, then every Darting Assault rune you pick up afterwards will be added to that stack and the bonuses conformed to match it.

      Sacred 2 players, is this trade-off worth it?
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    • [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2
      Are you ready for a brand new Sacred 2 experience?

      Presenting a new mod for Sacred 2 CM 1.50:
      Diablo 2 Fallen
      Latest update as of July 27, 2017!
      Download the latest test release: Diablo 2 Fallen Beta 9

      Diablo 2 Fallen is on SacredWiki! Get all the in-depth info and details on the mod!

      7 completely overhauled character classes with brand new combat arts, runes, skills and voices
      The worlds of Ancaria and Sanctuary merged - the lore of both games has been combined
      6 new deities with new divine gifts, god statues, and quests (see list below)
      Dozens of new enemy designs, creature overhauls, plus new hero monsters and bosses (read about them in the D2F Creatures Thread)
      New Diablo-inspired user interface, loading screens, fx, and shrines (read about them HERE)
      Complete soundtrack and sound effects revamp (see link for D2F Music Pack download above)
      Gems, jewels, and charms integrated into gameplay
      New items: Necromancer Shrunken Heads, Amazon Trophies, Throwing Axes, Magic Wands, and more!
      Overhaul and rebalance for old item designs and modifiers

      Better quest rewards for bosses and chain quests - find more uniques and special items through questing!See full list of new quest rewards HERE.

      Elite Mounts project custom version integrated into mod.
      Custom integration of Survival Mod: Fight more powerful and aggressive enemies - with better XP & rewards!
      Custom version of Wardust's Serious Textures built in - No need for separate download

      Item Mod 1.2a and Reduced Fog Mod integrated
      Rewrites for character class quests (in progress, Druid quest is partially complete)
      Mercenaries. Hire past heroes from Sacred 1 to join you in your battles! (in progress)
      New Diablo-related quests (in progress)

      Old enemies have been redesigned, and all kinds of new enemies will appear across the map. Look out for the new bosses and "super-unique" elite enemies that will have special abilities. Read about all the enemies in the Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread.
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