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Fireball/Damage Lore High Elf

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When Ice and Blood came in, it Damage Lore became one of the hot new tickets for this game. The devs had brought in some massive escalation in what this skill could do. Of course, adding it to a Spell Caster is tough since they are so squishy. The idea was to create an out of the ordinary build that could take out Guardians with Fireballs only. After after six re-builds (so much time!:cry:) testing out all the possible variations of the fireball mods, was able to get this build up to level 123. It has some good damage with some splash coming off the fireballs for a mini-multhit. She's a three buff build, that's kind of fun, but it does take some time to cast the buffs. There is gear in her chest, three pieces. Switch them on then click to weapon slot four (or is it three?) before casting your buff starting from the Daemon first. The equipment will give the buffs a decent boost before you set off. I've set her up with some combos as well. Most of the time I like to just use her fireballs. My technique is to press as quickly as possible the fire key to fill up the screen, but near the end, I had found that Blazing Tempest added some variety, and so made a combo of Blazing Tempest which would finish off with the fireballs to take out any stragglers.


Have fun





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