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Boss Arena Mod for Sacred 2 Ice & Blood + CM Patch 0160 [updated by Flix July 2018]


This mod will add a new NPC to the MP starter island near the arena. After talking to it, it will start a boss chain quest, which includes the following bosses in 4 waves, spawning each boss one after another:


Wave 1:

The White Griffin

Raging Boar

Harpy Queen



Wave 2:

Flame Lord

Ice Lord

Earth Lord

Poison Lord


Wave 3:

Daloriel the Depraved




Wave 4:

Dark Prince


Forest Guardian



After each wave a confirmation at the quest giver is needed. I included these "milestones" to give the players a chance to sort their inventory, sell or stuff items away etc.


Most of these mini bosses are encountered on the map via a quest npc which basically tells you to go kill it. Thats means on top of the kill experience you get the quest experience. Each of these bosses now give additional quest experience, that also includes the forest guardian and 3 of the lords, which dont have a quest. In concequence this arena is an easy spot to farm experience and items. I created it for multiplayer games, so that the server doesnt need to be restarted for those bosses to spawn again. Right now it stops after one round, but at least you dont need to go to their locations to farm them.


Possible future version may include (incase I get that to work):

- unlimited boss runs -> no more server restarts

- main bosses in the arena (those that can be farmed in MP games without questing)

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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The Level of Bosses is wrong! It does not grow because of Area. I am at 40 level & the bosses are only at 37! Now I have to wait my 60 level to go to the Gold difficulty level to fight with right level bosses(
Looks like on 70-80 level the problem will be repeated again((

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Just to be clear - I can start a LAN game with this mod in place and I'm good to go,    right?  Or do I need a few other people in there with me to make it work?

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3 hours ago, dark471 said:

Just to be clear - I can start a LAN game with this mod in place and I'm good to go,    right?  Or do I need a few other people in there with me to make it work?

There is no need for additional players.

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Lordy !!   What a buzz !!  These guys want  your butt, for sure. Very impressive mod. I'm going to have to caution myself on using this too much though. Why go into the main game when all the XP and goodies are right here? I'll probably confine this to leveling up a charachter quickly to get into Niob. Very nicely done, though.

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