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This is a visual mod for the Community Patch that was created by LazyTomcat back in 2011. You can find its full description in the respective thread: My personal CM-Patch Mod


LazyTomcat was no longer able to keep his mod up to date, but he gave permission to share it "as is" with the community.


This mod changes the following things:

"Adornments of the Ancestors" got the graphics from "Golden Raven Mod"

"Detheya's Agility" is a little cozy bauble

"Faladal's Blizzard" got the graphics from "Diamond Ice Mod"

Healthbar in rainbow design

new make-up for Seraphim, High Elf and Dryad

Cape of "Scourge of Lordaeron" removed because of clipping bugs (not on the shot)


NOTE: LazyTomcat's mod was complied for the now outdated version of the Community Patch. It can be applied as is only to the version v120. However, most of the changes it does to the interface and textures are compatible with the later patch releases. If you are going to use it together with the latest versions of the CM patch, do not use the "scripts" folder from this mod.

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When you remove scripts folder,Scourge of Lordaeron do not change.I really like armor whit out cape.Can some one change only Scourge of Lordaeron not other armors.PLZ

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