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High Elf - Mystic Stormite 2.65

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Hello everyone! 

As I promised, the frosty high elf character will be uploaded! Tested repeatedly up to 150 levels! Some important data about the character: nearly 50% survival bonus, 150% run speed , 67.3% map discovered, nearly 4000 magic strength, over 100,000 killed enemies, 11 days of play! etc. Her filling his abilities fast enough in 2-3 seconds, which can also be folded out of the clothes + focusing elixir use! Lots of Bonuses Complex! The 5 levels of difficulty were played, but I left the character directly in the main enemy (Act X)! The martial arts craft is not yet fully blown out (under further test)! The character's box contains sets for your own use and other collected items for other High Elfs (Fire, Arcane)! Personally, this magician came to me (Frost)! Her skills were tested at level 200, and I used the Energy Storm for a while instead of the Smoke Shape (it can be effective against certain enemies)! There's a lot of stuff in the co-owned box (set items, lots of weapons, jewelery and 1-2 pvp equipment)! I think I have written about what I was thinking about. I did not modify the gold of the character, the set elements were earlier (except for Frost Gems boots) I did not use any fraud and only used the files of Darkmatters.org and the Character Editor! I hope there will be some people who try this character known to everyone in this format! Thanks for the opportunity to upload, I hope the admins of the server keep their good habits and maintain the forum for further important information and downloads! I wish you all a successful Sacred 2 game!
Path: I welcome negative criticism if I did not do something well, and the positive thoughts can come calmly! What's the Next Character?

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Guys! I got hints from Hooyaah connected to Elf, which include: halving the regeneration time to 100%, increasing frost damage and replacing sockets to damage and attack value that the blacksmith gives! If you can enhance it, let's do the specialization of abilities by increasing the level of mysterious weathering! The same elf I uploaded with a few shots is attacking over 7000! I could add up to 60% of the time to halve the skills, but I thought the 2 chapters I left for the dear downloaders and visitors might be able to visit good things (stuff) again!

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Just to clarify, "attack value"only affects weapons-based damage while ice and/or physical damage increases the Mystic Stormite's spell-based Combat Arts, Frost Flare (ice damage only) Glacial Thorns (ice and physical damage) and Raging Nimbus (ice and physical damage).

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