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About This File

Seraphim was my first character and she did not disappoint. The smooth Attack animation, the sci-fi powers and need I say the heels ... running in sand without sinking an inch and landing upright from a somersault down a cliff. Hence, I've decided to give her a little makeover starting with the boots, then the stockings which garters seem to always show.


Pre-selected files for those with alternatives are included in the main file BLACK ARCANNA. The other zip files are the compilations of color or design options I had but also include the presets for completion.


My retexture for her is rather basic but still meets my preference. Her black footwear and longer gloves inspired by The Witcher 3's Yennefer. The gold accents were my personal touch to make her look a little more exquisite. As for the powers, I wanted to go for something reminiscent of DC Comics' Raven. Black colored laser beams should look cool but nigh impossible so I settled with Violet Arcane magic.




Similar to the Daemon from my previous post, I gave her eyes, brows and lips this time from Yennefer, removing the regular war paint in the process. I also lowered her hairline and gave her three hair colors -- black, auburn and white -- with different colored hair ties since I'm indecisive. I have also accidentally discovered a bug which erases the pigtails and included it in the zip file.




Above are three of her less popular buffs. Light Shield with astrological signs since I wanted to keep it simple but rune-ish. Strength of Faith which I turned into an ankh -- Egyptian symbol of life. Light uses the same texture as Rotating Blades of Light but since I use the latter more often I had to turn the former to a light pink to make the other one violet.




Usually preferred damaging spells RBoL and Lightning Bolt both turned violet.




My boss killer, Celestial Light, with the in-game screenshot as the preset and the ones on the right -- 12 Zodiacs and Hallows -- as alternatives compiled into one zip.




I am unsure of the potential of Energy Bolts since I don't use it but because it looks nice and reminds me of Starfire's star bolts from the DC Comics' Teen Titans cartoon I've recolored it as well.




Last but not least, magical BFG shots to keep things consistent with the witchy theme. Violet Arcane and Storm magic along with the original Blue ones they came from; topmost as preset but everything found in the zip.


NOTE: You might observe that several glowing objects in-game such as lamp posts may be recolored light pink because of this mod. If you find that this ruins the mood, skipping 5 TGA files starting with "PARTICLE" should fix it. This, however, reverts some of the skills to their original color.


INSTALLATION. Unzip the file/s of your choosing and paste them within the PAK folder from where you installed Sacred.




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