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Lindor's model & Texture designs for CM-Patch 1.0.0

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About This File

Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you:

My own Model & Texture Designs for the Main Sets and Special Mounts. These are part of Lindor's mod (which is still in development and not released yet), but got decoupled by me into an own mod.

Complete changelist:

  • Inquisitor
    • Sets
      • The Deylen's Power Set got new shaders and textures
    • Mounts
      • Non-Elite
        • the aspectless non-saddle spider got a saddle now
        • all saddled spiders have the same (golden) saddle now
        • all non-saddled spiders removed from Hugart (Mount-Island vendor) inventory
        • all spiders have now the T-Energy-glow on their main body
        • T-Energy-glow of Spiders now only affects the dots
        • All Spiders Eye, Hair and Skin got retextured
      • Elite
        • all armored spiders share the same model and texture with their non-Elite versions now
        • Inquisition and Astute Supremacy spider armor got retextured
        • Astute Supremacy spider armor now got T-Energy-Glow

There are four verions of this mod, one for each of those:

  • Dimitrius's CM-Patch Addendum (not released yet)
  • Sacred 2 EE 3.0a
  • CM-Patch
  • Integrated into Lindor's mod (not released yet)

Special Thanks to:

  • @Flix for his patience in sharing his modding experience and explaining up to the very detailiest detail
  • @dimitrius154 for sharing his codesided in-depth knowledge, providing the original model for the armored spiders and sharing the Trimmed Elite-Textures
  • The original CM-Patch Team, the CM serves as a basis for all mods this mod is released for
  • @gogoblender@Schot, all the supporting members and everyone else making hosting this file here at DarkMatters possible

Edited by Lindor

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