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Sacred 2-calc-spells 2.0.0

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About This File

A damage calculator for spell-based combat arts. Original thread and post https://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18511-how-is-sacred-2-weapon-damage-calculated/&do=findComment&comment=7144732


It's a html file (including css and javascript) that you can run in any modern browser, desktop or mobile.


You input:

- The character's level.

- The value of the intelligence attribute.

- The base combat art level (before the penalty). Add together the runes used and equipment bonuses.

- The final combat art level (after the penalty). Note: When dealing with partial levels, be aware that the displayed number in-game is not the entire number!

- The combat art damage values from spells.txt .

- The relevant percentage bonuses - from the combat art itself; from skills like Aspect Lore, Ancient Magic, Combat Discipline; from equipment. Note: The displayed value in-game is not always correct.


The calculator outputs:

- Final damage - The combat art damage shown in the inventory screen or in the tooltip when hovering over the combat art itself.

- Intelligence bonus -  The value shown in the tooltip when you hover over the intelligence attribute (Combat Art Damage +X).

- Base damage - Not shown directly in-game, but it is basically the final damage minus the intelligence bonus.


You can also:

- Specify one or multiple damage elements (Physical, Magic, Fire, Poison, Ice).

- Adjust the relevant parameters from balance.txt .

- Input expected values (the values seen in-game) for easy comparisons.


Edited by Maneus

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


- Added input fields for Aspect Lore, Ancient Magic and Combat Discipline. The bonus to damage they provide is automatically determined by the calculator.

- Added an input field for Aspect Focus and removed the input field for the final combat art level (after penalty). Now HCALWP and the final combat art level are determined automatically by the calculator.

- Removed the "mysterious penalty" functionality. The "mysterious penalty" was the result of precision loss. It is now applied automatically by the calculator.

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