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  1. This is the Modlauncher and Modmerge Software https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pIqHTeZGWu6RmlL5-cZJ8F1AcDG8ga40 Translate into mege link later on reminder. [Problem]: The main problem with modding content is that it usually gets distributed as whole files, which means every mod content contains changes which are not necessarily necessary for the mod, but nevertheless have to get added in order to make a working file. If you want to release a mod that only changes the Critical Hit Factor you will have to include a hundred other changes, which basically reset any other changes in the same file to zero. The solution to this is to manually go into your files, and make all changes per hand, which is error prone, labor intensive and excludes less competent people. [Problem]: The consequence of the first problem is that since mod content gets distributed as whole files mod content is highly sensitive to version changes for the base game, or any other modding content. If you have a mod that changes 2.43 base game skins than 2.44 might completely and irreversibly break your mod, and make it unuseable. The same goes if you use more than 1 mod at the same time. Any and every time a mod changes it can potentially risk breaking compabilitiy with any other mod out there. The adapted solution to this is to not have too many active mods at the same time, and dont use mods which change the same files, or even better, only use 1 big mod. [Consequence]: Whether its Elder Scrolls, Fallout, or any other big or small game out there, the consequences are usually the same, modding content decays very quickly. Due to the high sensibility of version compability any time the base game or the modding scene makes a major step it leaves behind all other content, which needs a high grade of maintenance to stay up to date. Usually people dont do that amount of work, and as a consequence people usually concentrate on one big collaborated project, where the chance for longer maintenance is higher than small, unsupported mods somebody just made once and never plans to update it. [Solution]: The solution to this is the Modmerge Software. The Modmerge Software allows mods to be saved as ideas, only containing the necessary data the mod wants to change or add. Problem number 1 gets solved because a mod does no longer contain changes it doesnt want to make. Problem number 2 gets dispelled because of the same reason, and because it minimises the amount of manintenance you have to make to keep it up to date. The most fundamental idea of the Modmerge Software is that it interprets data as data, but also as a set of instrunctions to be applied to another build. Therefore modmerging content can be created in exactly the same way as normal mod content. The only thing you have to know as a mod author is the base games data structure, which you would have to know anyway. If the game understands the format, the Modmerge System will understand the format, with minor limitations regarding changing data structure. The Modmerge Software takes mod content in exactly the same way and structure as the base game. It then copies over non .txt files to their respective directories Performance a modmerge for relevant .txt files Copies over non modmerge specified .txt files The zip contains "Sacred 2 Gold Modmerge Examples": A folder which serves as an exemplary mod, as well as containing an example for each file. "Sacred 2 Modmerge Installer.exe". The UI for the user. It asks for the mod content directory, and for the base game directory. The installer remembers your past settings, so you dont have to constantly add your base game directory, if it doesnt change. "Sacred 2 Modlauncher.exe": The modlauncher executes a modmerge for all specified folders in your mod folder. "logfile.txt": The logfile of the last merge. If something went bad take a look into that. "Source Code.cpp": The source code. If somebody wants to improve on it later on. "Sacred2cpp.exe" has its license as GPL2 ( not 3 ), while I own the license for the installer, for which I grant every user a temporary retractable license. The Modmerge Software can be added to every mod, or even more easily just pointed towards the main page where people can download it. It should work with every existing mod, but it wouldnt do anything differently than copying over the whole file, in effect. I hope mod content which uses a dedicated Modmerge structure will get created, to take advantage of the system. I suggest tagging such content as [MSC] ModmergeSystemCompatible. Most credit has to be given to @Flix and @dimitrius154 for supporting this project, as without their knowledge no modmerge rules could have been written. Props to them ! And ofcourse to Darkmatter, to host gaming and mod content alike so that people who like Sacred have a place to collaborativelly share their ideas and work in a cozy place. Props to the folks who keep Darkmatter alive !
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  2. These is a collection of tools I created for Sacred 2: https://mega.nz/#!NBwGUaJZ!bKqgXhojTagCjyNv4PyiFDlZ080K2TPX-QIF1Z2Djyc Sacred 2 Modtool Box.zip Sacred 2 Defrag Creatures: This cleans up the creatures.txt file. creates blocks for each code identifier doesnt change the order of mgr.createCreature and preserves comments above naturally sorts mgr.addCreatureBonus and switches intensity and bonus if selected doesnt change the order of mgr.createSkill and preserves comments above naturally sorts mgr.addCreatureSkill naturally sorts mgr.addCreatureBpRelation doesnt change the order or form of mgr.addMapPos adds tabs for better readability if selected merges dublicated bonus entries for mgr.addCreatureBonus if selected Sacred 2 Fetch Itemtype Identifier: This fetches unused ids in itemtype.txt Sacred 2 Modelscale: This scales models for (1) normal mobs (2) elites (3) bosses for the creatures.txt . Sacred 2 Spawn: This checks the spawn.txt for dublicates
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  3. Politician -> unsincere A quote from Magnus Chase and the Sword Of Summer. By Rick Riordan. "I call it Andskoti, the Adversary. It is woven with the most powerful paradoxes in the Nine Worlds—Wi-Fi with no lag, a politician’s sincerity, a printer that prints, healthy deep-fried food, and an interesting grammar lecture!"
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  4. Good to hear you got it going.
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  5. Ah. I do apologise, but I'd failed to apply the most basic computing wisdom of all: "have you tried turning it off and back on again?" I've no idea what was the problem but a quick(-ish) reboot and it's come to life.
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  6. "Linux Insider" means "found a working Guide for 'How to Install Sacred 2 on Linux' => https://www.gamersonlinux.com/forum/threads/sacred-2-gold-guide.945/ The only things I had to change were using Wine 4.5 instead of 1.7.32 and you can use higher screen resolution für the emulatet desktop. And I was using a DVD-Version, you have to copy all files from both DVDs to an own folder to make it work. For S1 there is a Guide too : https://www.gamersonlinux.com/forum/threads/sacred-gold-guide.683/ (untested, have to get S1 again first) I'm no geek for myself, but I think an "expert user", I understand what is going on and can adapt if it is not working ;)
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