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  1. So, I recently finished my collection of every single Seraphim gear piece in every available color. Started playing around with creating some cool matching custom sets and so far cobbled together these 2. Mostly in a unified color scheme so far. Will experiment a bit more later on and try to create some multicolored ones. Also could have probably fiddled with the hair color in the character editor, but I feel that the fiery red of my main character works fine (but a better fit could probably be found). Exhibit A: Golden Avenger Clad fully in gold, the enemies will be bedazzled by the ludicrous shine of this outfit. I actually had to wait for a later stage of the day and turn at least sideways towards the sun, because otherwise, a lot of it was obscured by the sun reflecting off of the gold surfaces Exhibit B: Harbinger of Death The tried and true killer combination of black and red, it looks genuinely sick on the Seraphim. Enemies will be struck with fear from just laying their eyes on you, making dispatching them with actual weapons as easy as harvesting ripe crop. This is definitely my favorite Seraphim look so far. Wasn't expecting it to come out this great.
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  2. All the fixes will be inplace by the time of the iteration release.
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  3. antioxidants -> Berries @Delta! and @chattius I was reading what you guys linked about deelish desert wines...Canadian Ice Wine is SO EXPENSIVE because its harvested last minute when the grapes are frozen... 53 75
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