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  1. Ahhh haaa... steam sale... bless the good winds! and your great arrival here to the Sacred community! The game has great value, mechanics and quests... LOADS of quests...plus us... its little community in the SacredVerse! Happy to meet up Devon! with your first post here you've become an official "member" and can even load up your picture avatar. Welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
  2. that was a whole load of leveling so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast gogo
  3. Bravo! The map background is one of my favorites..its aesthetic is beautiful and it makes Sacred very distinctive on our site...thank you for the words! gogo
  4. welcome to the forums PD94! You have embarked upon the journey of endless playing with Sacred.. thanks Loromir for the answer ! gogo
  5. Great first post Loromir, you have made the devs of that incredible patch as well as their own unique add ons (hello Diablo and the addendum! )! You're a part of of one of the world's greatest gaming communities ever... EVAH! welcome to the forums! gogo p.s. and now that you've made a first post, you're an official "member" and can upload a snazzy cool avatar!
  6. D3 is all MP now... you always want to look for groups that are slightly stronger that let us "leech'... it goes both ways... well someitmes get weaker with us, but we'll often get stronger with us. Drops are just WAY better and so is exp.. gogo
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