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  1. I'd have to ask him Dorimil .. but maybe ? im glad to report that after a few false starts sacred 2 is running again.. and im playin my first seraphim ever
  2. so, I was scrolling through my steam library .. ( I had one of those I have nothing to play moments ) and decided to restart sacred 2.. windows 10 pc .. yeah good luck trying to get that to run.. to the community page.. lo and behold .. about half the links to stuff to improve the game directed me here. so I figured I might as well say hi whilst downloading all those mods and graphics packs. Im Doing fine. very busy with both work and also nowadays streaming and putting videos on youtube. I gotta keep myself busy after all. feel free to pop by or check out my channel. allthough i
  3. since im not at all familiair with Imgur .. I will just post the link to the screenies here ( they turned out to be quite .. ehm .. large ) not a lot has been build, but a lot is planned, right now only our smithing corner and the kitchen are up. http://imgur.com/a/EKdoZ#EAlQi7K
  4. not sure if it will go on steam sale.. but for once I don't mind paying a bit more for an early access game even tho not everything is implemented and there are some issues, long loading time for server side and some lag even if you are running the server, the overall feel of the game and the build in emergency - you really need to find food fast/ you really need to get crafting early- gives me ( at least ) a boost of okay .. im here .. lets do this attitude, something I miss in a lot of games where you sometimes micromanage your skills just to find you screwed up 10 minutes later. yo
  5. id like to add that anyone joining will get his own full complement of iron tools, and you wont be idle for long ( to much to do ) we're usually playing in the evenings ( CET ) and tend to play till fairly late. still figuring out a lot ourselves but what we know we can share ps. maybe the thing I like the most .. there are NO zombies in this game ( only behind the screen after 8 hours straight mining )
  6. not sure if it's exactly underground but I did pick up a couple of games on steam I found interesting, some are still in early access and some are full releases, but they are not mainstream AAA titles not all are to my liking but I can see there is a lot of love in making it The Terminal 2 : airport sim Mars: war logs : rpg Carribean : pirate sim ( apparently uses the engine of mount and blade but I cant confirm cuz I never played that ) Unepic : sidescrolling dungeon crawler with more nerdy puns than I care to recall Defiance: MMO 3rd person shooter with a tie in to the series from S
  7. Welcome, grab a chair and unleash those writing skills on us
  8. I used to go to a Festival called lowlands long long time ago ( 3 years in a row ) but I allways enjoyed the somewhat harder styles of music as well.. so when I found out the 2 combined this year I'd figure I'd share it here ps. you either love it or hate it
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