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  1. Dont know where to post this If you have a facebook account please support sacred 2 fallen angel picbadge http://www.picbadges...n-angel/743142/
  2. Alright Thanks! But I wish there was one...looks like I still have to pump more AM and get more +magic% on my seraphim..... For some reason my RP has now damage when I try to kill the ICE LORD hehe
  3. Hi to all! Just wanna ask if there is an item modifier like this ~ opponents armor: magic -xx% ? I do see some hafted weapon with ~ opponents armor: physical -xx% If there is one, will it work on Radiant Pillar or other magic based CA?
  4. Hello and Goody Day to all! Just joined here yesterday hehe! Can someone please pm me the codes also? Thanks in advnace
  5. I want Melon pan!!

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