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  1. See I Really like the spells as well as mount for the Celestial Magic Combat Art. Im Kinda new to the game and have gotten a duel weild build to level 20 3 times (keep reseting cause still learning(besides its fun)). But I was wondering what kind of weapon to take It looks like it would be smarter to go ranged like a BFG maybe but not sure of how to go about that. Skills Not in Order(need good order and what to max things at) Celestial Magic Lore Celestial Magic Focus Ranged Weapons Constitution Armor Lore Tactics Lore thats really all im sure of atm and not sure on how I should to attributes or how many runes to take in stuff. Spells I like are CM: Baneful Smite Radiant Pillar Hallowed Restoration (heard you can make it like a heal over time or really powerful wannt learn how) RT: Flaring Nova need advice to make a awesome build out of this and what else to add please help!
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