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  1. well I seem to be doing well now I am back as a student and having the best time of my life. hope you and the kids are getting on ok? ocrack... well its weird to be back and nothing much has changed.. well not that drastically really (only the dark matter introduction) but yeah its definitely strange after so long away. but I'm sure I'll get into the swing of it once again pretty soon. but ocrack before was me inthe team, I'm back playing properly which hasn't been happening for pretty much a year so its very very strange. although I'm working on a few tasks to mess up the senior management in the team... as a form of revenge for saying some pretty harsh stuff to me. and the way they are mistreating staff and the community. http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=319044 is anyone wants to vote for me as most memorable team member (retired) then it will help in my quest to lead an uprising, as my name will once again be visible in the community and I'll have some form of power again. to lead this uprising to get mainly Jona (the big waste of space) removed.
  2. Heya Guys and gals, Long time no see... as some of you may be aware I left the community about 6 months ago for personal reasons, but I'm gradually working my way back. I've got back my first ever account in uni 1 which I've had looked after for quite some time now. I may one day return to uni 9 and play with you all once again. I hope everyone is well and hope that gaming is still going well:) I will hopefully pop onto IRC at some point and speak to you all, and I'll try come onto the forum once in a while to check things and see how its all going. anyway nice to be back!
  3. ok well its been confirmed that the surge protectors were faulty and we won't have to claim on our general insurance. the makers of teh surge protectors are having to use their insruance whichis on all products up to the cost of £10million that are connected to it. I've compiled the report into the incident and its 37 pages long. a new desk is being built over the week and a half following christmas and work starts on wednesday so it means I'm getting a brand new. top of the range mixer which means we've got to have a 4 day training session on it for all the staff, its only an upgrade of the old board but its more advanced. ah well maybe something good did come out of it! but theres stil lots of questions being asked but I think this is the last post I will make here about the subject. I'm tired and cranky but at least I can now enjoy christmas without knowing theres lots of work that I have to do!
  4. well I spent myu brithday 21st talking to the insurance people and had the big bosses down. and even old dickie branson popped in for 20 minutes or so to see what had happened, and I had to start sorting everything out and finding what still worked and what didn't so that involved sorting out all the equipemtn in the studio myself. seeing as I've closed it to everyone else. 22nd dismantled the entire sound board, took it apart pannel by pannel and had to take a photo of each pannel and then send them to the insurance companies and my bosses, 2 pannels had actually melted due to the surge and looked rater interesting. I also managed to give myself a nice electric shock from a capacitor!! don't touch them... they hurt (luckily was a low voltage one so didn't hurt too much) now the baor is in pieces it means that today I've now gotto do a few simplistic electrical tests on a few of the pannels to see what extent the damage has caused. not 100% sure what I'm doing but I have instructions. then at the end of today if I've done everything I'll be finished for christmas and then I'll await the test results from the surge protectors which I sent off and then I can compile a report. and hopefully get everything back up and running asap because time is limited in studio's and it could prove to be rather costly if I don't get everything operation again. oh and I finally got round to picking up my pay slip. and I'm loving my christmas bonus £1200 and if I get a top 40 record out this christmas it will increase after christmas, but we'll have to wait and see anyway I'll keep ou all up to date with whats happening.
  5. thanks everyone, much appreciated the comments, although the day wasn;t so great was extremely stressful and I'm finally be glad to get home and now I'm just about to open presents and get started on the alcohol although it'lll only be a few as I've got more disaster s to deal with tomorrow like I've got to strip down teh board and send it back bit by bit to the people who make it.... not a happy bunny I must say and I've got to take photo's after I move every pannel of the board so its going to take the whole day tomorrow. and for those of you who haven't noticed I've gone into vacation mode and I did this over my dinner break. anyway must get on need alcohol and sleep. take care all and have a merry christmas and a happy new year! Dan
  6. hah cheers mate, much appreciated. lets hope its not too much of a stressfull day... ha... I should be so lucky! for those of you who haven't heard about my day yesterday and what I have to sort out on my birthday... look at this : http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3179
  7. on a lighter note I did jsut get a HOF for DAWN so its not all that bad, please feel free to post. on it if you would so kindly http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=201847
  8. well the problem is I have subordinates, but I'm the manager and have to therefore take responsibility for that studio which is the one I was suposed to run in the first place but then kinda temp run it and do the admin for other studio's but only I can deal with it. but if I could delegate it I would but yeah I'll keep you all updated by posting here whats happening.
  9. well today has been interesting I must say, after skidding on black ice on the way to work this morning and almost colliding with a brik wall I knew it was going to be one of those days. got to the recording studio and everything was already for the days 3 sessions. first sessions was fine second session came in we got half way through recording and there was a power surge. this caused the mixing desk adn speakers to blow up. the speakers actually caught light and has small flames inside them. the board started smoking and thats £1.5 million woth of equipment up in smoke. yeah great... jsut waht I need the day before my birthday, now I have to do a full report into what happened why none of the powersurge prevention methods worked and get the insurance people int o asses the costs fo repairing or replacing the mixing desk! and being manager of 4 studio's but being solely responsible for this one I had to re-arrange the diaries of all the studios so that 4 studio's work can be done in 3 recording studio's and I've got to get as much sorted by christmas as possible. and need the studio fully operational by the 10th of january at the latest... so today has jstu been the worst day of my life because its so so so so so so so so stressfull and I just want to relax on my birthday not spend the whoel day dealing with insurance companies and my bosses at virgin records. ah well could ahve been worse could have blown up 4 weeks ago before the busiest time in the studio calender. anyway thats my crappy day!
  10. happy birthday Aur, hope you have a better day than I will. put your feet up and relax if you can. enjoy the day emensely ... come have a drink with me
  11. thanks for the comment, I'm sure it will be interesting but right now I've got a lot to focus on. and I can't believe how much less time I get for ogame these days since I started this new job. and travelling all ove rthe world isn't going to help matters. ah wel its been great knowing you all and if I do happen to fall off the face of the earth whilst on my travels Firefly will be able to re-allocate my account to someone else. but thanks for all your support guys and girls. really appreciated. I'll be posting like normal once every so often. and I almost got dawns first HOF today... missed it by a 3000 res in teh df! I hate spidsim sometimes!! ah well was a good atempt. Dan
  12. cheers guys, as I said its nothing personal its jsut I don't want to be a letdown, I'll still be arround if you ever need some advice, and you can always email me danwilliams@ogame.org and if you ever need to trade I'll be avaliable to do so.
  13. cheers schot, but its not all fun and games its bloody hard and serious work. I wouldn't be supprised I'f I've left ogame alltogether by march. I jsut need to see what its all going to entail btu I know its a hell of a lot of work I'm taking on. but thanks for the support. I jstu don't want to let dark and dark wing down by being active only a few days a month... its no way to play a game!
  14. hi all, as you probably know I've not been arround a great deal recently due to work commitments, and as of january those work commitments are getting greater and greater. I do have a feeling at I will be spending large quantities of time in vacation mode as I'll be traveling arround the world. for thsi reason I feel that I'll not be playing a part in the alliance as I should. I'm so grateful for you accepting me back but the thing is I jsut don't think I can put you lot through me and my work schedule because I'm not goingto be gaining points very quickly and I'll jsut be plummiting as a player if I have to keep going into vacation mode. I don't want to drag the alliance down. I'm therefore deciding to leave Dark Wing as I would like to see it a presperous alliance what goes on to bigger and better things without me, my decision has not come easily I've been thinking about it since I found out about my new posiition with virgin music dealing with international affairs. I've only known about this for the past few days, well actually since te day I applied for dark wing. I feel that I will only become a burden to you all and that you will be better off without me in the alliance. I'm so sorry to mess you arround like this and withthe conditions under which I left the alliance last time. please forgive me and do not hate me for leaving but its nothing personal to any of you its just I feel my life at the moment is hectic enough witout having to wory about progressing in a game I'm not as enthusiastic about as I used to be, so I do think you are better off without me. I know rik has jsut left Dark and that everyone knows we are a team, I will maybe join hsi alliance because he will not be running the alliance to get to the top but for freindship. and he is my best online gaming buddy. he might not let me join because of the work commitments but I know it'll be somewhere with people I know well or at least the 1 person I know well. anyway thanks for taking me back and sorry once again for departing so shortly. my reasons for leaving are not the same as other people who may decide to leave but its a true and from my perspective valid. I hope you can all accept my decision Danwilliams p.s if anyone still wants to trade, or needs help in anwyay I'm willing to offer it as long as I am arround, with me fleetsaving continually I will always have ltos of resources to trade so please don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you want to trade. also I'll be happy to help yyou out elsewhere in the game and offer my GO expertise on things.
  15. heya buddy, good to see some actual fleet being used there, its not often we get to see this kind of thing from you!! anyway well done on the hit. dan
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