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  1. Primus - Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers Iron Maiden - Child Of The Damned
  2. Violent Femmes - Waiting For The Bus Sum 41 - Still Waiting
  3. The ranged bonus will only apply, like any other skill related bonus if you physically have the skill in the first place. If you don't then it's no skill left to improve either then what sense does that J'Dahn Set make? A Dark Elf can never take Ranged Lore, never ever, except someone hacked the game, of course. So then why does the set have that kind of bonus, isn't that kind of.. well.. stupid? (don't wanna bite..)
  4. got a short question, what on earth is that ranged bonus for? is it kind of an invisible extra? I tried to equip Ettol's bow (requires 10 Ranged Lore) but couldn't. J'Dahn would have given enough points, though. I thought "It's just like Cordell's blade, you equip something that gives enough points and equip the blade." But it didn't work cause a dark elf can't take the Ranged Lore skill. so I was wondering if the RL skill doesn't work with equipping stuff, how does it work then? Is it like you can't equip the stuff but get an invisible bonus or what? greetings Thanos
  5. right, plant cage or petrification is bad.. then you can only hope the GoW hits the archers/mages in time to save you.. what am I doing? im destroying my strategy^^
  6. That's it! I'm convinced^^ as a matter of fact, I've overseen that the stunning time does NOT increase with spell level... so you're right, weapon lore is useless if you kepp spellcasting them too far away to run after them. See it as changed^^ can't edit anymore, however...^^ thx anyway!
  7. thx for bringing up the idea of archers in higher levels, it's a really good point! I'll try to work on that next, but I'm quite sure that if you push GoW enough, you can hit and stun the archers too because their range is not so far as your GoW goes. another theory is that I can ride out their arrows on horseback, like shove some air against them and ride on, their arrows flying on behind my back. I'll try every theory and decide then whats best. and to weapon lore: I've looked it up, dagowit has a staff and paternus/mammon have swords, so if you want to stay set-based (I will in an
  8. First of all, this isn't really a build, it's rather like a strategy, a hint. Simply said: My way to do it. Alright, here goes. After some gaming time I've decided to put up the build cause in my opinion it's a good strategy to follow. Though I couldn't test him in multiplayer mode, he's rather good in SP Lets get started. He's now at a very high level and still running a good job. For the GoW part, it's kinda easy to understand, right?;-) The Fast-Spell strategy is based on never letting your enemies hit you, or just don't let them do it often. good fit for the GoW with its kicking
  9. Really good build/s you have there, however, imo, its more useful to bust up on mental regen anytime you can. keeps regen times low (oh my god, who would've thought of THAT!? ;-)) and ensures you can always keep the spell levels high enough to stun the really dangerous enemies. also, you can shove in a "better" spell like, in my case, IS (if you have good regen times) until the enemy recovers. had a big bad enemy, stunned the b**ch, fired a few IS's at him, before he could hit me stunned him again, sure, it takes longer, but hey, I survived and killed him in the end. oh, almost forgot,
  10. welcome to darkmatters Thanos...

    have fun looking around :D

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