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  1. Are you playing the regular install of Sacred Underworld from Steam? Or are you playing with the Reborn mod?
  2. Thanks for the reply Dimitrius. I must have missed it in the list of changes. By the way, does Superspawn 2.4 work with the Beta?
  3. So I started a fresh single player game. Then went into Multi-Player to level up some, but there are no quests available. Is this a glitch or is it intended?
  4. You'll need to raise your Bargaining level with Armor and Relics that add to the Bargaining skill. The game will not allow you to add more points than your current character level. If this doesn't make sense I am sure that someone will be along soon to explain this in more detail.
  5. I just wanted to say that Sacred 2 is part of the Steam Summer Sale. It's only $3.74
  6. Thanks for the info Flix. I can hopefully try this over the weekend.
  7. Thanks Flix. So I am still playing 2.3 at the moment. What would I need to do to merge the 2 mods?
  8. So I'm playing the Enhanced Edition and it got me wondering if it is possible to use the Rotating Blades Of Light mod that Flix made for Sacred 2?
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