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  1. I'm becoming addicted to this game It's a MMORPG set in the 1600-1700s. You can be a pirate, or join one of the three nations (Britain, France and Spain). Combat is divided into realistic tactical ship battles (kinda like Tortuga/Patrician games), and boarding/avatar combat. You can also manufacture and sell items and ships, in a very complicated economy system. End-game options are major pvp fleet battles for various ports It has become f2p. Unlike other f2p games I've played, this one seems to avoid shoving your face into its cash shop, and it doesn't make paying members overpowered. F2P players are limited to two ships per character, and have to sink one of them when they want to upgrade. Ships are rather affordable, so it's not a bad restriction. Another noticeable limit is only two production facilities per account, which means that you won't be able to manufacture and sell as many goods (premium players get 10), but you can make additional accounts for that if you are willing to do some work. Download is 7GB. Graphics are very beautiful, but kinda heavy (kinda like Sacred pc requirements). Definitely recommend at least trying it out
  2. Cool skin Um... Bolding and italisizing seems to be working fine, and so do smilies
  3. I had posted some things in my Sacred 2 - Detrimental effects, what they seem to be doing... topic, there might be more info around here. I don't recall any ice attacks that did any kind of DOT, just the initial damage and slow. The max HP thing you remember was actually a stacking bug with Deep and Serious Open Wounds. It has been fixed in the .43 patch iirc.
  4. I hate it too If I ever use this kind of language, it's usually for sarcasm purposes.
  5. Welcome back I'm no longer playing, but I'm still around because the community is nice. Sadly, not everyone made it this far
  6. Serious is not "both combined", it has a higher chance to proc. And it's mostly unlocked by Sword Weapons Mastery, which benefits builds that don't snob that skill. The DoTs from these are not affected by Damage Lore (at least before Ice and Blood).
  7. Er.. The dragon is already in the Wiki.. and on the map. Just a matter of luck farming him for goodies. People sometimes wonder where could they find a certain item. Not all items are dropped by some monsters, which is why it could be useful to make a loot list like some other wikis. At least for legendary items. Doesn't have to be fancy, people could just add a link to the item.
  8. How about putting this info on the wiki, so people know where to look for these items?
  9. Oh... Simply copy-paste the save files to another folder, and then paste it from there into the ascaron folder every time you exit to main menu. You might also want to set the game to windowed mode with lowest graphic settings for test duration, it should cut the loading times and make it easier to alt-tab.
  10. Do you mean you can't talk to the Sloeford guy to complete the quest? That's weird... I don't remember this happening when I was playing... With so many quests available, it's not supposed to auto-complete them when exiting the game If that was the case, we would have to do all the quests in one go
  11. If I wanted to test this, I'd run the Kobold Chieftain quest about 500 times for each bargaining setting to see if there's a noticeable difference*. Where each setting involves a level 75 character in Gold with hard 74 skill points, hard 75, soft 150 and hard 150 If I had found a noticeable difference*, I would try to find out how that works and if it's worth the skill points. It shouldn't be too time-consuming... I could theoretically kill the chieftain and save to Sloeford monolith without completing the quest (assuming the bargaining bonus is triggered when you complete the quest). Then just reload the game to complete the quest a bunch o' times. Then it's just a question of how long it takes the comp to load the character every time *to determine a difference, I'd use the same methodology I used in the shop testing
  12. Wow There were no reports of them dropping before the CM patch (though someone did mention grey-quality lightsabers dropping once), so I guess the CM patch fixed it.
  13. I'd read a few Pelting Strike runes, since that regen time leaves some room for more Exalted seraphims I've made never ate a lot of runes, I remember always giving tons of them away to other players Added a link to above posts that discuss Ice and Blood tweaks
  14. And you only have about 309 of them Or so it seems...
  15. I didn't edit anything, since I don't really know how I simply located the weapon models, and replaced them with renamed lightsaber models.
  16. I'm not sure if it's worse than other masteries. Has anyone tested whether the double-hit from other weapon masteries works with combat arts? I can't remember... If not, they don't give that much of a bonus.
  17. Katana-type weapons don't get dropped very often, that's probably why we don't see many quetzals.
  18. Every unique has its own page on the wiki, so do monsters. People could add what monsters dropped what unique. Then again, some people run with modded game files, and who knows what effects that can have on the drop lists. Still, we could have had a huge database by now...
  19. Do you know how much fish we can catch with that?
  20. Maplib seems to be having issues... Nothing beats the old-fashioned screenshots of maps with arrows on them.
  21. If I remember correctly, that chest drops only a few jewelry pieces, but it does drop them often But, what does it have to do with hidden spots? Here's one spot from top of my head (in the bandit camp near the river, behind a tent). There's also one near the bridge (north-west of it) in the jungle. There should also be one on the edge of the dock, easily accessible via the Na'Fian portal. All of them should always drop yellows.
  22. Check out this awesome browser drawing tool
  23. Are you aware that different spots have different drops? Some of them always drop yellow items, some always drop junk, and others drop a mix of them. I hope you're not making 1000 runs on a spot that can't drop unique items... I'm not sure if the above methodologies can provide any evidence for anything
  24. It should be possible if you copy the Granny models from another game. In my lightsaber mod, all I did was copy some models and give them another name.

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