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  1. Hi there Llama! Some awesome work you've done here! I was wondering, how do you change the spell names and token name/descriptions? I've been doing some combat art modification myself, but I havn't figured out that.. THanks mate!
  2. Oh they do grant resistance, but not as much/diffrent as other relics. In addition the 3 active ones give a random bonus each too, that is different from random bonuses reieved by other relics. Ahhh sounds very cool indeed. Now are they obtainable from level 1, and are they drop only, iow not available from vendors? PS: I don't know if you've seen this thread on my modifications: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/19341-editing-spell-names-and-descriptions-and-token-names-and-descriptions/page__pid__6934533#entry6934533 But either way, I deceided to halt that idea for now, as it'll take endless balancing and testing.. I did however decide on creating a mod that will enhance visual effects for spells, including adding effects to weapon combat arts. And I'm already making it CM 130 exclusive. Will post when more progress has been made.
  3. Hello Guys! Seeing as I'm having a bit of problem playing much this week (and the next for that matter..), would anyone mind explaining what these awesome looking items do, how they work, and what the general play experience with them is? I know the Devs like leaving certain things to be explored by the players, but if it's ok with them, I'd really like some insight into this new mechanic! Thanks!
  4. Hi there guys! (Especially the CM Dev team! ) Today I actually tried fist weapons for the first time, and noticed that they use daggr (I think?) and standard dual wield (when dual wielding ofc) animations. Now this is just my opinion, but I think they'd be a hell of a lot more fun if they used the unarmed animations... There really is nothing like a roundhouse kick inquisitor.. If this is possible, it would rule!! Anyway, love your work guys, keep it up! Thanks!
  5. Hi there everyone! Havn't Posted here in a long time... Anyway, After a long brake from total Sacred 2 modding, I've recently continued my work to to a complete Spell Rework. Note, this isn't just number adjustment. I'm attemting to completely modify a vast number of spells, to make the character a lot more interesting and fun. This also includes complete new visuals. So far I've had amazing success. Just an example: I'm changing the Dryad into much more of an assassin/rogu like character. So far she has an Invis spell, A visually awesome blink strike attack, and a whole bunch of other stuff I have yet to reveal! Problem is, I'm having a very difficult time keeping in game track of all my changes, as I have no idea where to edit The spell names, descriptions, and all things related, like the token descriptions. IF this is possible. Also, I'd help If I could rename the lore/focus skills, and change their icons, as well as the spell icons. I know I've seen a way to change those icons, but I could be bothered to look it up yet, seeing as cosmetic changes like that is last on my list. Any help would be awesome, and sorry if complete modding is frowned upon. But if not, I'd gladly share my Mod, as It's also CM compatable. Thanks!
  6. Hi There. First off I'd like to give some background. (Skip this part if you just want to get to the point) Ever since I can remember, I've been a pretty hardcore ARPG fan, and aside from all the "Well-knowns" like Diablo; Dungeon Siege; and Titan Quest, I fell in love with the original sacred the very day I got it. But regardless of it's amazing immersiveness, it, like Sacred 2, has some major setbacks, that if avoided, could make it one awesome game. If there are any modders that could give any feedback on some of the points I'm about to mention, especially on if and how it's fixable, I'd be very gratefull. I myself have done some serious modding, mainly in the combat art area, and I know many of Sacred 2's features are pretty hardcoded. Though I must admit, I have little to no knowledge on any other fields then the spells.txt edits. Things I'd like changed: 1.Cooldown/usage animation on Health Potions. The lack of some kind of limitation on the health system really contributed to my dissapointment in both sacred games. Plain and simple, it made it far too easy. I need to be challenged. There's no fun in spamming spacebar. 2. Spell Hotkeys bindings/Spell slots linked to weapon slot. I HATE that unlike sacred 1, sacred 2 lacks the ability to use F1-F8 (I think?) as keybinds for spells. To be blunt, I feel sacred 2 already has too few combat arts(well, usefull ones for that matter), and the fact that they force one to only choose 5 of those already few spells, only changable upon opening of the combat urt window, is mind numbing. As mentioned after the slash, what I think would also be a nice alternative, is for each weapon slot to have it's own set of 5 combat arts. Like when the vampiress transformed in Sacred 1. This way you could choose a set of spells that compliments differant weapon sets you use. 3. Set/Uniques not being "Unique" at all. Something that's always dissapointed me about both sacred games is that you could find any set/unique item's visual model on a standard white or blue item. That really makes it feel unimpressive when you actually pick up a set helmet for example, and not 2 minutes later you see a wothless white text version at the vendor with the exact same appearance. Brakes my heart. Another thing I dislike is something sacred 1 actually had. Any of you who completed a set of armour there would know that most of them gave truely unique bonuses upon completeion. For example, the "Dark Damage" on a Vampires set, and "Celestial Damage" on a Seraphim Set, and permanent Auras on both Battlemage and Daemon. Specially cheer to those weapons with the set rigs, that had chance to proc spells on attack if all the rings were socketed inside of the set weapon. Really miss that in Sacred 2. Made sets really rewarding to complete. 4.Combat Art/Spell Balance I can mod alot of these myself. But to test them from level 1 - God knows what, is very difficult and time consuming. Problem is alot of the spells I find to be borderline useless. Perfect example would be the Dryad's twisted torment. Just a horrible spell. If I think of any more, I'd galdy come back and edit. Forgive me if I offended anyone. Don;t get me wrong, it's out of pure love for this game that I point out it's flaws. And it is simply my opinion. Thanks for reading, and please post if you have anything to add. I'm happy to read.
  7. Hi there. I actually did this myself, for my dual wielding Dryad. It's quite easy. Find this in Spells.txt (Located in Sacre Folde>scripts>shared>) mgr.defineSpell( "dr_hu_projektilfokus", { eiStateName = "cSpellCast", fxTypeCast = "FX_DR_PROJEKTILFOKUS_C", fxTypeSpell = "FX_DR_PROJEKTILFOKUS", fxTypeCastSpecial = "FX_DR_CAST_M", duration = 20.000000, animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM06", animTypeApproach = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeRide = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_RIDESM05-SPECIAL", causesSpellDamage = 0, tokens = { entry0 = {"et_shrink_a_head", 480, 20, 0, 41 }, entry1 = {"et_dist_attackspeed", 148, 2, 0, 5 }, entry2 = {"et_dist_AW_rel", 230, 20, 0, 5 }, entry3 = {"et_chance_criticalhit", 99, 1, 1, 5 }, entry4 = {"et_dist_attackspeed", 74, 1, 2, 5 }, entry5 = {"et_chance_surehit", 200, 1, 3, 5 }, entry6 = {"et_chance_piercing", 200, 1, 4, 5 }, entry7 = {"et_regAspect_this", 300, 15, 5, 41 }, entry8 = {"et_reduce_Ereflect", 500, 10, 6, 9 }, }, fightDistance = 0.000000, aspect = "EA_DR_HUNT", cooldown = 0.000000, soundProfile = 0, cost_level = 400, cost_base = 400, focus_skill_name = "skill_DR_hunt_focus", lore_skill_name = "skill_tactics_lore", spellClass = "cSpellDrProjektilfokus", spellcontroltype = "eCAtype_t_buff", sorting_rank = 5, }) Change "et_dist_attackspeed" TO "et_addWeaponspeed" Should work like a charm. Be sure to ask if you need anything else. :-)
  8. Well guys, Like I said, if there's anything spesific you're unsure about, ask here. I'll help.
  9. scripts>shared>spells.txt Feel free to ask if you need any help, I've done quite alot of combat art modification.
  10. Would you mind posting an example of one of those spells? If it is what I think it is, it is infact quite a tricky problem, but one I solved about an hour ago. So lets hope we're on the same track here hehe. Also, just as an interesting update, I managed to make my perfect High Elf. Amongs a whole bunch of balance changes, I did some of the following: (NOTE: these are all modifications to her default spells, not replacements from other spells. All modified spells include complete visuals, modifications, and effects as well.) -changed fire demon into fiery ember from temple guardian. Looks great, works real nice! -changed bireball to always hit area of effect -changed frost flare to have larger area of effect, but less impact damage -changed raging nimbus to do 10 times less damage, but hit 10 times more per second. Same effect, just looks cooler. -changed cascading shroud into icy evanescence from temple guardian, complete with visuals, stalagmite effects, and modifications, same as fiery ember. -changed cobalt strike to do a bit less damage, but always chains, and chains more. 3 targets with first chain upgrade, 5 targets with second -changed expulse magic to flaring nova from Seraphim. Love this one the most. Just looks so cool. And what sorcerer doesn't have a nova spell:) hehe so basically I threw away summonings, duration buffs, and stupid expulse magic to make her an all out offensive character.
  11. Hehe very cool stuff Mr Onion. Glad you decided to give it a shot. Truth is I'm just as curious as you about that. So if anyone knows the answer, you'd be helping out more than one of us. Anything other neat tricks you discovered by the way?
  12. Tried it exactly as you described, double checked n merged every mergable file. Still no use. Is there a possibility you could make a version of this mod for CM? I'm sure alot of people here use that. Thanks again.
  13. I'm glad you asked, but I'm not quite sure where to begin, so try and bear with me. You could go to Icemember's thread (in the works for Sacred2) for alot of details on this kind of editing. I'll mark anything you'll have to look up there with a "*". But some of the things I've personally experienced: First of all you need to edit creatures.txt. Find the hero you want by searching "SC_". This way you'll see a list of some unknown atributes for each class, and most important, the list of spells it has. It's all german, but I don't speak it, and I managed to translate the spell name (Hail google) It really is as simple as copying the desired spell (example Faucherblits, the german name for Inquisitor spell Levin array) and overwriting it with Blitz (Seraphim lightning bolt spell). NOTE: there are problems. I have not yet, but are determined to find a way around these: - It seems only spells from the same aspect number can replace each other. So for example, if you want give a dryad fireball (arrant pyromancer), you have to replace one of the spells from the top aspect (capracious hunter). In other words, top aspect, middle aspect, or bottom aspect. If this condition is not met, the new spell will display, but for reasons I have yet to discover, the combat art rune cannot be read. - Spells with complex animations, like the combos (pelting striked; frenzied rampage) will not work on a character that does not already have that kind of animation, like the Highelf. -Replacing a buff with one from a differant character, seems to add two "0's" to the regeneration time. So instead of adding +45%, it'll add +4500%. Wich I don't think I need to explain why it's a problem. lol. In theory you can replace the tokens (what the spell actually does) of the default buff with the one desired, but this will take personal experimentation, as some of the features of spells seem hard coded. You can also go to spells.txt and edit certain attributes of each spell. Once again, "*" to get advanced details about this. Basically you can set the animation number to match the spell (all characters have set defaults, you just need to find an animation you like by casting all the spells that character has, then finding the right spell in spells.txt, and use that animation number on you new spell. Also, in Spells.txt, you need to edit what lore and focus skill it uses. And finally, you need to set the spells entry number, like the menu position. 1 2 3 4 5. * After that, you can start playing around with the actual values of the spell. what it does in other words. NOTE: -New spells (adited in creature.txt) will ONLY work when starting a new game, with a new character. The spells attributes, aka Spells.txt, can be edited on an already existing campaign. So basically, give your character the all the spell replacements you want before you create that new char. Then, you can start editing those individual spells bit by bit, each time running the game and loading that char to see if the desired effects worked. -At the bottom of Spells.txt is a list of all the tokens. Thins like chance to bleed, add attackspeed, and pretty much everything else a spell could do. EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT - It's not difficult, and you require no programming knowledge. and the rewards are AWESOME! In theory you could create a completely new hero, but it wont be an easy task. First of all, it wont be as making a new slot, as completely replacing a default hero. You need that template, so one of them has to go. Just off the top o my head, some of the obsticles one would have to overcome: -In spells.txt, all the spells are there. not just hero spells. Monster spells aswell. And technically you could use any of these on your hero. Problem is runes. You can get the spell if there is no way of learning it. -Equipment and animations. Self explanatory. -Class quest, spell icons and descriptions. All these inds of stuff. To be honest, this is very new to me, and I myself am diving deeper and learning more about it every day. Best thing to do (like I did) is backup your game, and edit like the wind. Experiment. Try as much as you like. there are ALOT of possibilities. Sorry for my somewhat obscure english, so if anyone is unsure about anything, please ask, I'm glad to try and help. It's ver difficult to explain everything I've done and how I've done it off the top of my head.
  14. Well I've been ignoring the graphics mostly (hence why I'm so gratefull for your download), but dabbeling alot with the actual edit of what the spells do. It's always been Sacred's biggest downfall in my personal opinion. Alot of the spells are just way underpowered, and alot even plain boring. But thanks mainly to ~icemember~, who showed me how to insert my very own balancing and fun. Some of the things I managed are as follow : -Exchanging Any spell with any other spell from a differant character -Editing animations, visual fx, and all tokens (what the spell actually does) Some o the spesific things I've done is give my dryad Astute supremacy (Inquisitor Aspect); Edit Sinister Predator (Ranged Combat Buff) to work for all weapons, instead of ranged only; Sinister Predator also give a small movement speed boost, instead of projectile piercing (useless on melee) Make her multi hit do more hits (Not that imbalanced, seeing as I play melee): Multi hit has 100% hknockback instead of 30% And a bunch of other small tweaks. It's a fun, yet pretty balanced hero in my opinion now. I'm currently working on Making a combat high elf, with some actual melee abilities. Gonna go on with that tonight.
  15. Hehe thanks alot dude. Will try it as soon as I get home from work. Thanks again. Btw, have you played around with editing the actual character spells yet?
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