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  1. Migrating to another server is basically starting from scratch again, nothing moves with you. (You can still play all your characters on the EU servers). You have 10 character slots per server, and there is no way to interact between them, your friendlist is regionbound too.Same for blacksmith and jeweler level, achievements,... It's basically a new account on a different region. And you keep your old account. So no harm in joined US servers too.
  2. You were not mistaken, I've been playing a bit on US servers with some people.
  3. If you need help with something from the layout, I'm a professional web developer, so I know my way in CSS and the like. (yes, I'm back, kinda). What is the max-height of the signatures? I think I can do something about getting these things at the bottom of the post.
  4. The EU mini-base on Ruins of Surmia will probably be deserted somewhere this week! We (I and Valyrion) are seriously thinking of transferring to ferguson's Crossing But if there is ever need of a backup server in Europe, use Ruins of Surmia, it has some (about 1k influence worth) of upgrades/leftover influence. Arp
  5. I'm still alive! I also own Guild Wars 2, so an invite for arperum.6047 would be nice. I'm playing on Ruins of Surmia though, since I'm slightly afraid of the lagg if I play on a US based server. Arp
  6. I'm on the EU-servers too. Mostly softcore with a friend, but I have a couple hardcore characters too. Arperum#2758
  7. One more point of interest for this specific line of achievements. Be massively overleveled. Take a nightmare act 2 character and do it with that one. Even better is doing the achievement in coop. DO NOT LEAVE your game at any time during your run! I did act 1-4 speedrun together with a friend, and he had to leave somewhere during act 3, he didn't get the achievement for act 3. We had to redo act 3 for it to work. I think we did about 50-50-45 minutes over the first three acts. Don't know for act 4 anymore. If you have to search for something, have all the players run in a different direction. For a wizard: storm armor with the rune who gives a temporary damage aura is very good. In any case: do not stop for any monster, blast elites aside with one hit and move on. Arp
  8. I think you just need a *x killed in one strike* message for it to count. Demon hunter should be able to do it as well, see here.
  9. Four pillars "together" is an achievement. I did it with a level 40-something wizard in normal, with disintegration beam with the third rune I think (the one that fires out random extra beams). Just stand in the middle and shoot it to some spot with a lot of skeletons on it.
  10. I think I'm on your list for a while now gogo, or at least on the us servers, I'm just never online on them
  11. For those who play on the EU-servers: Arperum#2758 Do make sure to tell me your darkmatters username or I will ignore you. You can add me for the Americas servers too, but there is only a small chance that I'll come on those. (Only when EU is down)
  12. The EU servers aren't down, so you can try those. (you can change your region somewhere in the settings before logging in) You'll have no characters on EU though, nor any achievements, so all should/could be redone. I have a blacksmith at max level for normal on hardcore.( I haven't been in nightmare hardcore yet.)
  13. Congrats! I haven't even exited nightmare on a softcore character My best hardcore attemps have stranded in act 3 normal...
  14. not always, I've seen things like a mojo (witch doctor only) with + to arcane power regeneration(wizard). So there is still a chance for stupidly useless combinations. It'll only be smaller.
  15. Another tip, don't leave the game if your last checkpoint was in a cave. Once you start again, monsters will have respawned, and if you lagg a bit when getting out of the cave, you die horribly. and lagg is kind of expected since it has to load a completely new area.

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