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  1. Hey hey! Oh yeah we are still hooked on age of conan, its getting abit old now though, using dx 9 and stuff. But its a very nice and complex game Too be honest I kinda made another ogame account, u know, JUST for building stuff honesly hehe To my big surpirise my old account was still there in vmode! And even bigger.. alot of the known people were also there! How hooked can one become. But anyway, like I said, I am just building *whistles* But I guess u guys are playing sacred still or? --Yaga
  2. hmm my comp need some cool blueish led lights (argh I am too old for that stuff), anyway Helou all or mebbe I should say BOO! So when are you guys going to play Age of Conan with me and bhj ? It has swords, knifes and all the yummie red things that comes out when u slice and dice --Yaga
  3. Yep Llama its ure old miner account, its both miner and fleet now . I also built a rather unpleasant defense on each planet BTW: http://board.ogame.org/board1-news/board2-...es/#post8863509
  4. There was actually a poll on merging the unis sent in mail by GameForge(!), but I havent heard anything more about it. Game is still free and playable without the officer, but I have to admitt ive had some from time to time to speed up resource production. Nothing else. I just build stuff. Anyway im fine. Actually working on a driving lisence oO I hate myself for waiting so long. Desember 13. is the big day if everything goes well on tests. BEWARE .. norwegians that is.. those who live in mo I rana
  5. Ho Ho just wanted to say helou again. Been a long while since ive posted anything so I figured it was about high time. Since I just passed 1 MILLION ships .. see below: Rank Player Ships 1 [D.a.r.k.] Yaga 1.000.532 2 [solid] bone11 622.574 3 [Others] crwdog 621.151 4 [Others] mika del siro 592.563 5 [Others] ThE DiO 374.554 6 [PAX] cfree 346.670 7 [PAWNZ] Ban Dana 300.954 8 [Others] klorivac 297.361 9 [Others] Lord Valhalla 296.325 Anyway nice to be here again. Ponder if anyone remembers ogame, me. Still playing ogame, gintu and stormcrow on eternal vacation apparently, Cygnus logs on now and then. Thats all that is left of us. I am mostly building, hoping begging for someone to come into my path. And hoping in vain for merge of unis Bought the sacred 2 thing with additions .. but never installed them oO (blame BHJ!) --Yaga
  6. Happy birthday BHJ! I didnt wanna say this last I visited but those grey hairs are starting to show on you now. You better shave it just like me You are getting old! .. And fix ure damn VIC 20 so we can pk some!
  7. Happy birthday Gintu! Time to shave ure head so the grey ones dont show
  8. Here is his goodbye hit: http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=534932 Lets show this old oak a little honor from those in D.a.r.k. who ran into this fella and give him a post on oof .
  9. urk the fuel consumption is the same as a dessie. id rather have 2k dessies than 2k colony ships, but then again.. they are weird and not from this world.
  10. Well after Stargate Atlantis/SG-1 has song their last lines I was starting to fear I wouldn't get my weekly scifi nourishment. Good thing Battlestar Galactica is here with brand new episodes !
  11. Thank you all! It feels so good every year to be 20 again
  12. Torbjørn (wish I could hear you folks pronounce the ø letter)
  13. Uhm .. I am .. ME! .. I think Helou Arianna I have relocated myself to some far far away galaxies. No longer in the core playing pirate. Just running around with a pickaxe picking up shinnies in deep barrows.. oops gotto go!
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