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  1. I vaguely remember something about a 4GB patch cause of XPs memory handling with dual core ... can someone elaborate on this as it might help.
  2. Have safe travels in what ever you maybe doing and hope you get to land back here at some stage. And thank-you for all of your contributions here.
  3. Welcome and hope you enjoy it as much as myself.
  4. Can this be confirmed and is there any chance of asking the "Rep" if this is going to run out at all in the near future ... ie once this batch sold will there be more ?
  5. Nope, deactivating camera shake fixes the problem. I had similar problems when I was playing with Dobri's fire elf and I couldn't target at all until I turned off camera shake So disabling the camera shake is the way to go! Disabling Camera Shake - How ?
  6. Just an opinion but I reckon this should be a pinned subject as would help a lot of New and Old players alike.
  7. Brilliant for this exact purpose, saves literally hours of time or 'altering' other game files to achieve this quickly like the balance.txt file. And I certainly hope it does create some interest for yourself in HC Sacred again
  8. Firstly welcome to DarkMatters from a neighborly kiwi. I myself have found that I can play sorta ok from New Zealand with acceptable lag. So I hope it works ok for yourself.
  9. Ditto, totally awesome provides many of us with very useful insight into the mechanic's of surviving.
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