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  1. Hi all, I know that the following thread is not about modding, but it's the finest of ghetto I've ever read (and it features our VIPs gogo and stubbie!), so it deserves a link imo. Ghetto PC Maintenance (scroll down to post #8) http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?Spectral Hand...c=10110&hl= Edit: the links looks messed up because the forum thinks it's an acronym, but it does work. NamelessBeast Over.
  2. a Nameless one... oops, time to return to topic. Does Anyone Really Know? I do... and we need a smiley with a longer tongue. :PpPpP NamelessBeast Over.
  3. Is the campaign mode in Sacred:Underworld? If it is, this is the (admittedly complicated) way to go: 1 - Load your SP save of char 1, the one with the items. 2 - Export the char into one of your character slots. 3 - Make a multiplayer game, campaign (sort of co-op) mode, using that exported char. 4 - Drop the items you want to transfer onto the ground, and save the game. 5 - Don't export anything. Close the game now. 6 - Load your SP save of char 2, the one who wants to use the items you dropped. 7 - Export that one as above. 8 - Make a multiplayer game, campaign (sort of co-op) mode,
  4. Hello darrellp, may I suggest a different strategy to find out (which is unfortunately based on my PC - it involves saving and restoring your char several times, so I don't know if PS2 and/or xbox can do that as well): 1 - Play a new char of your favorite class , but don't use your stat points yet. Keep at least one low damage weapon. 2 - If you have, say, 12 stat points in your pool, save the game and write down all your secondary stats: attack rating, defense rating, chance to hit, all Combat Art damage ratings and regen times, life total, resists, etc. 3 - Now put all your points into S
  5. Thanks all for answering my questions so patiently. Wish I could give you a cup of coffee in return, or better yet, an espresso machine. Nice idea Optimus, er, Schot to add numbers to my questions. I'll use that format from now on. 1. Perhaps I can make a FAQ of my own. My modem advice and Schot's explanation on the quote and search features would go there, for example. Perhaps the section "DarkMatters: Rules, Feedback, RSS Feed" could accomodate the FAQ section as well. Then the "READ BEFORE JOINING!" (I.e. rules) and "Recommended for new users" would be close together. Just a thought
  6. Many thanks. I think I found the PM inbox: the link named "New Messages", next to "My Controls". Having said that, about 90% (rather than 40%) of the posts on sacred-game are fine, probably because many abusive types (I.e. "register-->post some fecal matters-->ban" life cycle) post very little, or the admins nuke their posts very quickly. About ready-made images: Thanks, you didn't write an answer, but your portrait answers it. About FAQ section: the Search feature doesn't work with a TLA(3-letter acronym). I'm going to try the words "frequently asked questions" then. About fligh
  7. Hello darkmatters.org community, welcome to the "NamelessBeast FAQ" aka "introduction." I followed the questionnaire proposed by Aurora in another thread, http://darkmatters.org/forums/lofiversion/...x.php/t473.html and added a few questions, which I marked with an asterisk. * Name 3 words that other people use to describe you? "Ugly backfighting b...." © my bro. Edit: If that's not clear, the last word is not "beast." *Why did you join darkmatters.org? Because it seems to be more "mature" than sacred2.com Edit: reference to a certain user deleted Abusive users and annoying "1337
  8. Thanks. I'll create a new thread in a minute. Don't worry, I won't spam, I'll probably post once/week, several posts at a time. I liked the "Gandalf" comic on page 1, too. That put the "F" in Gandalf like nothing else. :-) Edit: My intro is online... "not a beauty." Can an admin read it and check if it's ok with the rules... I'm most unsure about links to the official Sacred forum. Edit #2: Thanks to the one who gave me a different element than lead... I would prefer something less radioactive, but (sigh) I guess I'm asking for too much, being a new forum user. One more important s
  9. How dare you! No web for two weeks, Gogo! (just kidding...) Or maybe a new type, a "bottivorous bot" ? But then again, what do I know, I'm not into BOTanics. The title of "Leaden Juggernaut" is a 99% sure sign of bots? <---(looks at her own title) I'm a bot! Help me! What should I do now, please please help...! :panic: Call Maintenance? Click the "Log Out" button? Or do I have to click the "Back" button until I've undone my registration?
  10. This isn't true IMHO, can anyone check that please? Clusters are either available (not in use), or occupied by one file. Defragmenters will move files together, usually in two ways: -if the file isn't stored in N successive clusters, look for at least N successive free clusters and move it there, -always use the first N-cluster sequence possible, so that there are as few gaps between files as possible. -Fragments are considered "familiar" if they belong to the same file. There has been some debate on sacred-game.com recently: the thread was titled "Need help with performance", and the use
  11. Hi fellows of DarkMatters, this thread is a GREAT idea. Please let me add that... profanity is a REALLY bad one (as hinted to by Microsoft in gogoblender's post already). One major ISP collected data about passwords, I believe it was in 2006. They put all processing into one computing job, so that even the admins and other employees couldn't see the intermediate results: -collected passwords of all users, stripped the user names -hashed the individual passwords -discarded the rare hashes (9 or less) -checked all hashes for multiple passwords, discarded the ones which were least used (<
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