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  1. thx for that fast and kind response :-D mm... is there a good shopping char/build tht you know of ? a dragon mage perhaps ?
  2. thx a lot for that build :-D one question though, I'd really like to have a shopper or gearfarmer for future chars, but I dont want to gimp a toon what would you suggest I switch out for bargaining ? ( or maybe enhanced perception ? dunno :-s) could I be both a good shopper/gearfinder and still kick awesome ass ? thx in advance
  3. to quote Jack Black Oh the dragons balls were blazin' As I stepped into his cave. Then I sliced his frakin' cockles, With a long and shiney blade! 'Twas I who fraked the dragon, fraka lie sing frak a loo! And if you try to frak with me, Then I shall frak you too!
  4. first question: what do you guys think is the most adequate form of melee for a DM ? I'm gonna play as a caster, but every once in a while it would be nice to pummel something into the ground lol the choice for me is between two things: either go with life leech weapons like often suggested for melee weapons, or try to give stat points to intelligence and use the buffing of the familiar to do some damage with magic staffs. I don't think anyone mentioned the possibility of doing a DM version of the int staff dryad. I'm not going to spend extra skill or lores for melee though, just want to
  5. DM 3aspect diary my DM will be based on the elementalist guide by chattius which uses modded skills from the 3 aspects. Since I have the feeling the discussion around the DM is kinda dead (3 topics in guide section with only 20 or so comments in total ? come on people lol) I'll take a shot at (re)starting discussion so that more advanced players can create more guides or ideas I'm a new player and a new poster, so I don't think I have the required knowledge of this game to make an adequate guide, but I'll make a diary of my experiences with this DM so that more experienced players may p
  6. great work :-) but how come there are only 3 guides on the DM ? and on your guide, if the familiar boosts intelligence, wouldnt putting stat points in intelligence and then using int staffs (like the dryad build) give you a stronger melee attack ?
  7. also, playing your build atm, is their a way to give it more anti-boss power ? mobs go down with great ease, but with bosses I tend to drink lots and lots of potion standing toe to toe and slashing away at them
  8. would this build benefit much from expert touch mode ? thx
  9. thanks :-D looking in to the seraphim and dryad you suggested :-)
  10. totally new to this game, wanna rush an overpowered shopper build to support the more challenging (and more interesting imho) toons I have in mind. what I've found on this great forum so far is a Pyromancer HE, dual staff int dryad, and mentalism DM. am I missing some ? which of these would you guys say is the 'best' build for rushing, mass killing and shopping ? thanks
  11. SO if I understand the description of this expert touch mode, a pure Pyromancer HE should really benefit from this, of is this a mute point considering grand invigoration's effect ? (new player and poster btw) thx
  12. let's just say survivability is not important for me do I choose intelligence + strength as stats or intelligence + dex ? ( for spell damage + melee )
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