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  1. might pop in there sometime, even though I don't play. Would be cool to talk to some of you guys no doubt. thx for the effort bud
  2. welcome to FDM btw =) Feel free to go and introduce yourself at the Introductions area
  3. That is how I got here. But I didn't register until someone told me what it was properly. I remember getting here this way, but I didn't have a clue as to what it was. I explained the situation ingame to someone, and they told me what it was. so I went right back and signed up
  4. I never really lurked much before my registration, a while after though I actually got here via wolfe's lair, not sure if anyone remembers that. Is it even still around? Used to be in her clan, when her site and pevil's place were about all you had to check items, builds and god knows what. I met someone in game who told me to register here. It was either schot or llama, but I can't remember for the life of me. but I actually never lurked prior to signing up ps Ike: Beat ya haha
  5. There is a great 360 community here at the FDM. I'm sure you'll get along just fine
  6. Maybe take a look at "Indy's anime Thread" in the stickies. Other then that I'd say it depends on 'what kind' of anime you like. If you wanna stay in the overall bleach experience, maybe try Kenshin (or Samurai X if dubbed). A totally different story and setting, but the quality of the drawings, behaviour or characters and coolness of fights are pretty much identical. If you like bleach, you'll like this. If you're looking for something with a more 'thriller-like' experience. Asif you were watching a friday-night thriller, but in anime style, then I'd definately go for: Code Geass Death note Claymore If you like 'slice of life', which is like watching a comic-movie on tv. there's a general story, but mainly it's about moral, comedy and often love - Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO for short on most sites) - Hotaru No Haka (an actual 90min anime movie) I can go more into detail, but you'll have to find your subgenre. Watch you like in anime and where you'd like to expand to. Only then can we start providing true lists of the good stuff
  7. welcome to our little group sarah :-)
  8. Welcome ... To the madhouse! *dramatic music cue* no seriously, glad you made it here :-)
  9. Well ... what a coincidence ! Just happens to be an opening in my wallet. The previous residents were just traded in for some fun make sure to refer them to me
  10. I must sadly say that I'm no fan of Jacky Chan. His acting is often sub-par and the only reason he is often selected for a roll is his facial expressions and his ability to put his feet around his neck to to speak. No offence to people who like him, but it's a big nono for me
  11. A shady figure, covered in warts, approaches you. With a deep, sighing voice he manages to say: "They got to you too did they ... Get out while you still can. Get out !" nah, just joking mate Welcome to the forums
  12. as a chemist.. I was aware. Allso, I think U (uranium) would be a better choise. In it's a very heavy isotope, so it's written in the 'later part' of the atomic table. Which refers to lategame It's valuable, as ar the items in Niob It can release lots of energy with fission. Niob characters have a lot of power too. some of it's isotopes are unstable (as are most ppl crazy enough to level a character to max niob ) it's the perfect match.
  13. That is very good news indeed. I hate it when they cram 4 seasons (or books) of anime into a single movie. You just can't grasp it. Allso the fact that the main storyline is split up into 3 major parts, makes it logical to make 3 movies about it. I'll be watching it when it comes out ps: Use fluoric acid. Much more potent. [NERDMODE] In fact, it is stored in containers made out of teflon, because that's one of the few things it wont burn though. Glass, metal, bathtubs, plastic containers, you name it. This stuff will burn through it like its cardboard. [/NERDMODE]
  14. I think you should upgrade to pro ... Can't seem to find a link for it though
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