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  1. well as I ve said before...I was going to decide if I leave ogame before summer or during the summer...and well 2 days ago I ve loock to my acount and thought "why do I keep playing this" I don t do anything all I do is fleet save..moonshoots..mines... sometimes I have all my planets full of res (all red) I dont make a hit since...ohh well I dont even remember... and I ve never made any big hit..I dont see probs coming at me..come on I dont see probs for months so why should I keep playing... I ve been talking with Ariana and probably she will stay with my acount..I dont realy bealiave that anyone on dark want the acount since I ve seen better acounts for trade and no one take them... so I ve decided to give it to Ariana so my acount will leave dark as soon as I send her a message with my pass More then 2 years playing this game..uni9 is my first acount and joining D.a.r.k was the best thing that happen to me. It was a pleasure to play with you guys...realy I am honoured I know I will miss this game but I have to do this and now its the right time to do it
  2. Enjoy RL Llama I ll try to join you as soon as I have enough strength to leave ogame
  3. I m going to keep mining and improving my fleet and hold the acount until summer then when I get free time I ll see if I get more active with some hits...or just give up from ogame. But I never go inactive and my fleet and cargos are safe as always So if its ok I ll stay..."active" as usual
  4. Sorry I ve seen this post but didnt have the time to respond. Its almoust 2 year since I ve joined d.a.r.k and its probably the best thing that happen to me in ogame..all that I ve learn in here and the friends that I ve made. I m realy proud to be in here! But as you all can see I m not realy active for a long time.... All that I m doing is fleet saving for 6/8 days and the cargos I usualy fleet save for 24h 48h.... Its like im looking for something or a reason to quite ogame....something like a advance hit or a big ninja or just reach top100...but how can I do all this if I almost don t play the game..I m actualy a lot of times online but only for 5minutes them I need to leave 1/2/3h and come back for more 5minuts, I have that thing on my mind "its time to leave o-game..." and with the uni9 dieng slowly its even harder to do any of that objectives... What I want to say with all this....is that I probably will leave ogame before summer or midle of summer....of course when that happen I will let you all know before So anything you guys plan to do, you have my full suport and help if I can give it of course
  5. Ahh sorry ppl I have take a break form ogame and missed this treat! I m back now thanks a lot to everyone you guys just made my day
  6. Well I actualy fix my computer on sunday..but RL come and I was forced to continue de Vacation mode Anyway everything is betther now and I m Back....It actualy feel pretty good this break from ogame! and made me think twice if I should come back or not..but I steal have some objectives so I will continue at least for now
  7. Hey I just turned On vacation mode because I m having problems with my PC and I need to format it! So I see you guys in 2 days
  8. Hmm I Hate that werners acount!! its the only acount that actualy made a 20% on me...and he can cover 3 of my moons! I can only imagine since I ve never probed that acount! but I belive He have some good mines and the fleet is just amazing!! When blade was the owner I actualy feel safe but... then comes the probs and the Hit on Crunchy Now That is Nish...Hmm only time can tell....I actualy see Him almoust as a friend we actualy talked a lot on mIRC few months ago...And when he had the Acount of Kiki he never probed me and he is pretty close to my main!! Anyway we all know how this game works and how pawnz work so I just dont trust on anyone!
  9. Ank don tleave us!! Sorry I dont go to mirc for some time and I ve been a little away....School is taking almoust all of my time and RL takes the rest.. :s You have a great acount and I belive that your work very hard to get there....please think again and stay I ll try to go to #Dawn and try to make some moonshoots with you if thats ok!
  10. ahh dont give up from Uni9!! and ACS! its the first time you guys try that or what? because honestly I didnt like it!! First of all you need to spend much more time!! you need a aliance with good comunication ...realy good! any noob can hit you they just need to call some friends!! And belive me its realy easy to lose all your fleet!! Imagine a mass aliance like AGE CSM...etc with a good comunication! They dont even need to have good fleetrs I remenber some of Dark and Dawn menbers joining Uni25! only 3 of them I think are still playing there and I dont think they are realy active there!! I actualy give up from my acount top100 (Miner) because I didn t have the time to have 3 acounts. So the best solution to me was leaving the ACS (uni25) and continuo mining on the others (uni9-10) So if you guys want to do something good in a ACS uni prepare your selfs to spend a lot of time
  11. Sad to see this happening to one of the best fleets of our aliance!! You cant leave that fleet like that but I belive that you have your reasons and I hope everything is ok in RL Now about blade! he was a menber of revenge before he got that acount right:) and the reasons that he "says" he have to hit Crunchie I dont realy belive that I think it was about the oportunaty of having a big profit! I m saying this because He actualy probed me with the new acount and PAWNs tag on gal7 or 8 I dont realy recall.... it was when he got the acount.... first time I thought it was just a mistake..but the 2 and 3 time can t be a mistake..anyway at that time I didnt care specyaly because my fleet was safe and I think is normal to see probs on my way and beacuse PAWN are not our allies but that make me think on something if I actualy had my fleet on that moon would he try to hit my fleet? We have seen things like this on the pass (SIN for ex) So what I think of all this.... fleet save and trust no one except your aliance
  12. Another Adam..?!? Nice one Ike keep hiting him and probably he will start making stupid mistaks!! giving you the chance to get his fleet!
  13. Hmmm when I read this first time I thought "damm what should I say I have to write so many things" but blade alredy do that ..excelent post blade Actualy what colony is doing to you stellar is what every player should do. If you want to go up fast and get extra res yu have to raid other players and thats what he is doing and he is doing that to someone that have a better fleet and rank so that actualy makes me proud. Lol dont worry colony know how to defend by him self
  14. I have 10mil metal to swap with you! I ll send a PM
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