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  1. Okey... this is confusing but exiting, I'm off hunting for more. XD
  2. I have no idea where to post this so, here it goes... I found a new set item I can't find any info on in wiki or the complete set download here. Its a relic called Atu out of the "KlaAtuVerAtaNikTuh" set (6 items) The only info is in french here Link but I don;t understand it. (Even if I translated it in google into English or Dutch.) But im kind of curious about what the other parts could be, 6 relics can not be worn together so...? the mystery is killing me. Help. XD
  3. lios

    Instill Belief

    Yes I can be done, (tried it in bronze single player) You have to get the health down on an undead. cast the Combat Art on it and hope he gets killed but not destroyed. If he resurrects it will become a new buddy. But it is also the hard part. just make sure you don't wear any "change to banish undead" or to drink any purple potions. There not really useful except for the generals (? the ones whit the red cape on, found near clear view) the have a spell that seems to reflect damage. They will not follow in the sense that there are walking with you, they do walk around but when you move further away they will just appear next to you. This time when I teleport I lost my army, but this one was also hostel to npc.... (just the guard near in the camp above clearview...) the rest is still the same. I have to do another test on mp. So meet Sophia, Miauw and her 3 new friends. ( took about 15 min)
  4. In Holland you can ask the person if they call, how they got you number. might be help full in tracing it to the roots. Most of the time when you have there offers or contest where you can win stuff for free, you have to put in your details. Those details can be sold if you read the fine printing. If you up in that stadium,well... you in for some serious calling. Same thing goes for addressed commercial mail.... ( not sure how to call it in English)
  5. lios

    Instill Belief

    I discovered something in the swampy parts while playing online. My Sophia was a bit overwhelmed by the forces she encountered , forcing her to drawback and come up with a different strategy. so she stared to us Instill Belief on the undead champions to distract lager crowds. That worked fine ad a save distances she converted a unholy one and light up the evening sky whit Radiant Pillars and Cleansing Brilliance while riding on the sacred Saber-toothed Tiger, called miauw. It was a big success, Sophia was really happy until she found her self crowded by undead friends moving in slowly from behind! And her new friend where also very jealous ones, if a other person joined in the team for the holy crusade they would turn hostel to him or her. (but they or sophia it self could not attack them.) Just some fast facts, -the army can teleport with her -does not have a little follower line on the right side ( like other companions) -they do have a green pointer on the minimap upper right. -Are not hostel to npc, just to other players, -there is no animation that there under the spell... (circle above there head thing) I have not found out how this can happen. The Combat Art is unmodified. Might be that the undead is killed and then resurrected or something and then becomes permanent... have to do some more testing. ( also for single player) Exiting the game and rejoining it seems to bee a good way to release the army. Anyone had the same experience?
  6. How did you get her to do that? I know the Inquisitor has to be empty handed to do his little move... ^^ my seraphim only looks around and make a little combat move (pole arms) or stretches "if given a sword"
  7. Well I can only speak for my self, but over here in holland, most things (entertainment wise ) are in English. Take a random movie on television and it english... turn on the radio and you have english songs. Most game are only availble in english, german, french or spanish. Take a job interview and the discriptions are full of enlish terms that have bin intergraded in dutch. (allthou there are more tipycal dutch words for it) Ow and the slang we have... even for socalled sofisticated peeps is mostly in english...
  8. Thanks! this helps alot. I first thouth the seraphime rune actualy enhanced my damage out put... in some way. I realy mis a good in-game-disrciption in this game. (like +selling% modifier is doing nothing for extual selling... exept for that one item... verry frustrating) Might be just my understanding of English thou.
  9. I have been reading up some things from wiki and "how to become a demigod" by Dobri, but I do not understand it all... Like the runes from the seraphim, (EW) have: Damage Mitigation: Physical +2.5% This means all Physical damage will be less by 2.5%? But not for bleeding? The temple guardian has that in it's runes (Shadow Warrior aspect) Detrimental Magic Effects -6.9% But that to all secondary effects? burning bleeding etc cut by 6.9% the dryad runes (NW aspect) has a total % chances of taking the damage or not, same as the "stalwart safeguard" shield. It reduces the chance of taking it all or nothing. but does nothing to direct damage...? So, what should I look out for? Can you still bleed it you did not take direct damage?
  10. lios


    Just one question.... Wiki says :Causes corpses to explode, inflicting damage to nearby opponents. But when I'm done whit the Clustering Maelstrom + Ruthless Mutilation combo to get a good pile of bodies. Only one explodes when I try Eruptive Desecration. ( I found it also hard to even execute the combat art... ) Is there some big secret to it? ( I have the pc version fully up to date with the addon)
  11. Just found the one and only reason to give the Inquisitor another shot. I know the dryad can poledance... if given an 2 handed staff. The guardian temple will topple if left unguarded Querious what the other can do...
  12. can't make videos so here the best next thing. She is doing it very often, like 2 times in 30 seconds... Ad least she knows how to get a figure while doing nothing, not like the seraphim that complains al the time. "This standing around is killing my figure..." or something. Maybe the two should talk about the ways of nature? No luck in free coins... thou
  13. Littlebit offtopic.... I noticed that she also likes to pole dance when she is bored. With a two-handed staff ad least, She puts it in the ground and does her litter trick Could not resist after seeing this, to quick provide her with some funky bunny ears for her new hobby
  14. Same thing can happen if you kill a boss. after that is does save you game but not before you picked up you loot or got you xp. So if something happens that causes you to lose the connection, you will be right back to the pion where the boss died, without any rewards. So always press F7 (default in ice and blood) to save manually when you have your things.

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