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  1. Hey, thanks for the quick response. To answer your questions: it's a shadow warrior and the CA is frenzied rampage. He's 43 now and upgraded to a 55 desert saber with two xx-xx damage rings (about 33-35ish, shopped from my 116 dryad), and for my off hand he's got the noob level 20 officers saber with 25 to all skills and other goodies like 1300 to max health or so and stuff like that. It's nice to use for a fresh toon. Anyway, I beat up a couple of campaign bosses in gold since I last posted this and I'm not noticing a huge flucuation in damage like say my 219-251 damage level 55 desert s
  2. Well... I just opened up a free world in gold and ported to the orc lands. I had my regular top end higher level weapons equipped for my level and noticed some pretty regular numbers across the various orcs. About 1900-2100 regular hits and about 2500-2600 for crits. Then I actually just went all out and unequipped my off hand weapon and... the weapon damage was exactly the same. The only thing that changed was that I was attacking slower because I'm not getting the dual wield bonus. What is up with this? o.O Should I be testing this on a boss instead of regular orc mobs or something?
  3. So, I'm not just blindly asking this question, I did a test myself on 2 identical low level unique weapons (kuan's pride I think). I socketed one with just a regular whetstone and left the 2nd one unsocketed to see what the damage was equipped. It was 877 on the CA I was looking at. Then I socketed the 2nd weapon with a 9-9 pure damage which increased that weapon's overall damage, but left that one in the off hand, having the whetstone socketed one in the mainhand, and the damage was still 877. This is confusing a little bit and makes me think that the off hand weapon is better off just being
  4. Yeah, a one-shot kill would be pretty intense. I generally spoil the crap out of my low level toons with +all skills almost purely for the lowering of regen times on combat arts and being able to really pump some runes into my buffs at a low level for more survivability and whatnot. Now, if I wanted a one-shot kill at level 15, then I'd probably have to shop around a little more proper and do like you said, pumping xx-xx rings and whatnot and beef up archangels wrath pretty hefty-like. I honestly don't think it's possible at 15, it very well might be, but jeez, if it were, it definately wouldn
  5. Yeah, the death warrior tree sure hits hard, and I have a level 104 shadow warrior that is mixed in both using like demonic blow and frenzied rampage in a combo and does well, but I guess I got bored and made this guy who is MC focused and I've also got another lowbie shadow warrior who uses 2 handed swords that focuses on the death warrior aspect. Demonic blow hits pretty hard, and it hits even harder with a 2 hander. lol
  6. Hey guys, X here with my take on the Malevolent Champion Shadow Warrior. For a little bit of back story, check out my earlier post and video Here in DarkMatters. As I'm sure anyone who keeps up with this site can agree on, Mr. Vaclaf has beautiful guides and I'd hate for this to be a big plain wall of text so I'm just going to use his layout as a reference to hopefully spice it up a bit. It could never be so pretty though, that I'll be the first to admit. So here goes for my first guide. Content: 1. Attributes 2. Skills 3. Combat Arts 4. Gear 5. Item
  7. Anybody interested in seeing what a level 15 with +89 to all skills does to the first campaign boss in silver?
  8. Hey, thanks for the replies and the interest. Of course, no problem with the moving of the topic, and thanks Dragon Brother for the tip on the embedding of the video. I like watching videos on YouTube of people's toons and how they're doing and the boss killers always amaze me. Especially the people with low weapon damage and High LL%. Those are the best! lol. I think for the most part I can leave this video here and I might set up a new topic in the guides for the shadow warrior I'm working on now after I beat silver at least and hopefully get a video of him with the Nameless Guardians. Havin
  9. Hey guys, long-time reader of Darkmatters.org, first-time poster. I've come here a lot for information on this and that and just never really got around to posting anything. Well, there's a first time for everything. After making quite a few Shadow Warriors, one of my first serious ones being level 50+, making some wrong mod and skill choices out of ignorance, I started yet another and got him to level 104 and in Niobium. My first toon I got up that high and in that difficulty. He turned out pretty good, but still not knowing as much as I do now about the game, made a few wrong mod/ski
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