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  1. Yeah, it's a good game, strong Sacred vibe from it & the devs are awesome. They do "content" patches every 2 months where they add more stuff, then bug fix patches to fix the stuff they broke as & when needed. And they have closed testers.
  2. Hell, I've had the time to have 2 more kids since this thread went up, & Schot still hasn't done the groove skin? Not to mention that the electric poo mystery still hasn't been solved...
  3. The consoles were never fully implemented so the only thing they do is to shake the screen a bit. What they were intended to do I don't rememeber ever being told.
  4. Funnily enough, I seem to remember something about the quest needing a certain deity... Nice story mate.
  5. Good to have you back guys, the internet just wasn't right with you lot offline.
  6. Or by yourself, though as I played HC, I generally waited till I was sufficiently leveled/geared to be able to deal with the dragon relatively easily, but that's just my risk-averse nature .
  7. Yeah, I don't think S3 is going to be the same, it's sounding like it's going to be a decidedly different beast. Doesn't mean it's going to be a bad game, just fundamentally different to S1/2.
  8. Fortuantely in SWTOR companions don't aggro anything on their own (which makes harvesting materials within the aggro range of a mob ok, as long as you can stand outside it & still be within range of the materials node). Yeah, if we're going to be "required" to bring companions, we'll need some way to control them, even if it's basic controls such as aggression level (attack anything, attack my target, only attack if attacked first) & maximum distance (short, medium, far). As with pretty much everything, we could do with more information, and it may not even be finalised yet in this regard...
  9. I still think it means its like Borderlands where the map is not one big world like sacred 2 but the same size just broken down into sections. If this is the case I have OK with that. It could be like that, but that's not really what I got from the previews. It defaults to 3 henchmen in co-op, presumably with other players replacing them when you go online.
  10. The only reason I can think of for having some feedback after each mission is to enable you to re-start it with more information so you can choose what CAs you use more effectively. That said, I think having separate screens break up the combat is a bad idea on top of another bad idea (no open world). Generally devs don't want combat broken up too much. I do like the sound of the more tactical combat & I hope CAs can be combined more effectively in S3. I'm always reminded of Dragon Age Origins whenever I think of this, casting an oil slick on the floor, then setting it on fire, that is what Combos should always have been, not a macro to let you fire off multiple CAs in one go.
  11. Probably simpler for the devs to develop it on the most restrictive machine, though we can only hope that the PC will be allowed to have >4 players in a game & have Closed servers as we had before. Chattius has a point about D3 suffering from a "selfmade illness". It's like England winning a game of Football because the other team lost/played badly rather than us playing well. Yes, but it is nice to be able to change what skills you're using on the fly. I do miss the "permanence" of previous games, but I also like the flexibility of the new system. That's marketing/the magazine spewing their usual hyperbole doing their job to sell issues, drive interest in the game, etc.
  12. Yup, that's pretty much it...
  13. IGN have (as far as I know) the only screenshot (well, 4 of them) of S3 here: http://uk.ign.com/im...49156dc139d8857
  14. Thanks Gogo, I do pop in from time to time (& I can be PM'd ). I'm playing D3, but mostly Star Wars the Old Republic (even though it's a subscription game).
  15. Has anyone had any experience with powerline networking? Our BT Home Hub's a bit iffy (we've got 2, one occassionally looses the hub phone & you need to re-sync it & if you dial the landline number it crashes the hub , the other one intermitantly chuck's the wife's laptop off the wireless network) & I was wondering whether what people's experiences with powerline networking were.
  16. Son't know about you guys, but I think we'll (DA) probably be on the EU servers.
  17. You don't get the specific banner you made, you get a specific sigil (one per class) to add to the banners you make in-game. It also doesn't seem to work with IE8 (what we're on at work) or whichever version of Firefox I've got at home, fortunately a fellow (awesome ) guildie did them for me.
  18. There are links floating around the web for the D3 installer, so you don't need to have pre-ordered the digital download. You can download it now & then install it on Monday & be ready for Tuesday morning/evening/whenever-you-can-get-to-start-playing... I've downloaded it & I'll be picking up a copy from Game on Tuesday (hoping to have the day off).
  19. Depending on how many servers Blizzard provide, getting into a game may be an issue, it was during the beta weekend, but they were deliberately monkeying around with how many people could start new games, though you could join somone else's game via the friends list easily enough. Lag should be less of an issue due to the way they've built D3, so hopefully your BB connection will be ok Steve.
  20. You've never played Diablo (1 or 2) Gogo? Really? (though having said that, I've never played Rogue, Angband, Nethack, etc) I'll be playing D3 along with Star Wars The Old Republic (Frostclaw server).
  21. Llama8

    Sacred 3?

    Yup, that's pretty much the hottest-off-the-press info that we've had...
  22. IIRC, you will be able to PvP in HC (in the arena), but you won't loose your char if/when you die (as you would when you die to monsters). Same as it was in Guild Wars.
  23. I don't mind the changes made to skills/runes, but the UI for it is an abomination (unwieldy would be the polite term), you need to use far too many clicks to choose what skill you want to go into what slot (with Elective mode clicked) as you need to click through the various skill groupings, etc.

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