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    Sacred is indeed a child with many parents. Makes you wonder if that's why Sacred 2, which was pure Ascaron (I'm guessing) seemed to be lacking some of the charm of its predecessor for some players.

    Yes! I was wondering that very thing. I love Sacred 2 as much as Sacred 1, but it does lack that coherence. What I love about Sacred 2 is the gameplay. There are certain areas that I find awesome, but the game world as a whole doesn't blow me away. And the class choices, although super cool individually, do feel like a bit of a grab bag. They were, perhaps, a bit more unified in Sacred since they were modeled off of a number of classes that were going to be available to the player in Armalion.


    But whew. I was just reading the lore page for Sacred on the Wiki. It's a real head scratcher. The biggest flaws I see are that they try to say that Shaddar is this huge, menacing Necromancer guy with a whole realm of terror out in the desert, but then he's never referenced as you go through the game. There's no sense of impending doom. And then they throw in the demon, who immediately kicks Shaddar's ass. It just doesn't make sense to have 2 villains. I was thinking that I wished I had the ability to mod the game so I could make the story better in all the quests and stuff and flesh out the world. It feels like there's a rich story in the gameworld, at least in that central plains area, but then all the actual text is just... blah.


    The biggest thing I don't get, and I want to understand if it means anything... is when they say "This world is Sacred." The lore page says that the Gods made the heart of Ancaria out of their own blood. But none of it makes any sense. That page also says the Dark Elves killed all the Dwarves. Which also doesn't make sense, considering you can play a dwarf. I feel like the world that they designed for Armalion has a sense of depth and weight. It has to have some kind of history, you feel. But the lore we're given is senseless. It feels like it was written artlessly, not with the kind of art that you can sense went into the game world.


    Mind you, I do feel like the gameplay that Ascaron designed is unique and special. You can tell that the team for Sacred and Sacred 2 had a real mind for unique gameplay and trying to give the player a deep customization experience. (Though I'd say that failed to put that depth into the enemy design somewhat.) But if there was a person or persons with a mind for story on the Armalion team, they must have not joined on with Ascaron.

    I dunno. I find Sacred 1 to be more cohesive story-wise than Sacred 2.


    As far as the details in Sacred 1 being all over the place, I think that kind of adds to the charm. Remember, Sacred 2 is a PREQUEL - the events there happened about 2000 years before Sacred 1. It would seem that the world we find in Sacred is a world that is in serious decline. A sort of dark ages, if you will, compared to the bright shiny world of Sacred 2.


    The books, I think were conjured up by multiple sources, none of which ever really coordinated their efforts. LOL Too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.


    There's also a book that says the Dark Elves captured the 5 elemental stones and were wreaking havoc on the land and the Seraphim came in with BeeEffGee's blazing but got their butts whipped... and it was the Dwarves who came in to save the day and kicked the Dark Elves butts...


    Now, this is impossible. First off, the Dwarves have been missing since before Sacred 2 (2000 yrs before Sacred 1). The Dark Elves didn't exist in the time of Sacred 2 yet. The schism that split the High Elves into the Wood and Dark factions (as well as the others like the ice elves) hadn't happened yet.


    There's also a book claiming that Sophia, queen of the Seraphim is the mother of Aarnum I... Which would likewise be impossible. Humans and Seraphim are different species and since there are no male Seraphim in the game, we're not even sure they CAN reproduce.


    The bottom line - People have been known to make up some of the wildest B.S. and sell it as gospel truth. In a time where understanding and knowledge is at an all time low, people will invent stuff that sounds good to fill the gaps in those areas. Or to sell themselves as being more important than they really are. The bit about Aarnum I being Sophia and some dude's love child smells of just that - propaganda made to make Aarnum sound like a bad arse...

  2. And while we're on this subject.. I found a relevant grave marker. This one is located in the S. Hedgenton area - inside the compound of the mansion southeast of the city where you have to rescue the husband from some robbers...




    Seems this guy was just as clueless about they are as I was.. :4rofl:

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  3. Been going old school lately playing Sacred Underworld...


    Noticed the goblins are always saying Shneeple quite a bit. WHAT IS IT?


    I noticed they're babbling on in some Germanic dialect - I did catch an old Yiddish word - Dreidle - the traditional Jewish toy top thing. What goblins want with those, I dunno.



  4. OK.... So today started out kinda MEH.. But then this came across my Facebook feed..




    What is it? It's a 4 player coop hack and slash game based on Rooster Teeth's hit show. WOOT!


    Read more about it here

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  5. Well, if you want fruit with your bacon, how about a Swineapple?


    It's a pineapple stuffed with boneless short ribs that's been wrapped in bacon:




    It's made in a smoker/grill. It's a sort of Hawaiian version of a TurDuckEn.. - you know - the turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. Except this is made with pineapple and pork.


    The instructions can be found here...

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  6. Yeh. that's how the Microsoft Store (found in windows 8 and later) operates.. Your purchases and other downloads are linked to your account info - so should you switch computers or have to reformat your hard drive or whatnot - your history should have all of your stuff there - waiting for another download.

    Come think of it, the Android store works the same as well. I would imagine the iOS store from Apple does too. It's the only thing that makes any sense. Phones and tablets can be lost, it doesn't really take up that much space storing a customer's information on the system.

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  7. OK.. Think I may not have been quite as clear as I could have been. It's not the hard drive.


    1.) I've swapped in another hard drive (this one with Windows 7 on it. It blows chunks at about the same spot.

    2.) I've tried booting from a Windows 8.1 DVD (One that came direct from Microsoft.)

    3.) I tried a Windows 8.0 boot dvd.

    4.) I tried a few Windows 7 install DVDs.

    5.) I even tried a Windows Vista install DVD.

    6.) Just for grins and giggles, I even downloaded a copy of Ubuntu (whatever the latest flavor happens to be) burnt it to a disk and tried installing it


    7.) I swapped out SATA cables, the power supply, the RAM. The motherboard was swapped out first as the one that arrived with the rest of the system had no video.


    Every instance of Windows we've tried to boot - blows a BSOD at or about the same point with the same error message. The Ubuntu boot process kicked up a LOT of cryptic messages before blowing it's own flavor of chunks.


    8.) The only thing that DID work is a boot disk running Grub4DOS by Hirens. It's got a few useful tools that can be used to check things like RAM, use LINUX tools to fix passwords, etc... It boots, and the memory test (Memtest86+) runs completely without errors.


    So... I'm 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999% positive it's not the hard drive, nor the motherboard, nor the RAM. The only thing left is the CPU.


    Oh.. and I checked the BIOS version against the recommendation for the flavor of CPU that's installed on the board - and it's the correct revision.

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  8. I agree, it's way outdated. I stopped teaching sometime about (mid 2009?) and didn't feel any burning desire to update something I may never use again.


    As far as your problem is concerned, seems to me that I remember a setting in BIOS that, if turned on, will cause a computer to reboot on a system failure. If you can find the option and turn it off it may stay off until you can at least read the error message.


    I don't know if it would help but I have a red foam rubber hammer I used to take into class to demonstrate my favorite method of frustration troubleshooting. Perhaps if you could find something similar, it would at least help you feel better ...

    The setting in question is buried in Windows. under the system properties and has to do with what Windows does after a BSOD.. Unfortunately, that particular setting is only available when Windows is up and actually running...


    The boot, BSOD, reboot, BSOD cycle actually breaks down and stops after a few dozen cycles. The system crashes after so many times and you can read the BSOD.. It has something to do with an unhandled exception error. And of course, all of the known fixes require booting the system successfully and going in and changing settings - which aren't ever available as the system blows up well before even the Windows Kernal is fully loaded.


    As for dealing with frustrations... I have my means of dealing with those. A good romp thru a video game beating up on baddies usually does it for me.

  9. LOL... Kinda can actually..


    There's a rather frustrating computer I've been working on at work. It's a brand new system a customer bought as parts and had someone build it. Looks great, but it doesn't seem to want to boot beyond the BIOS screen. It starts loading Windows (ANY flavor - XP, Vista, 7, and 8.1) and blue screens with some error (can't read it most of the time since the BSOD reboots the system right after the BSOD appears). It doesn't matter if it's booting from a hard drive OR booting from an installation DVD.


    I've swapped out everything in the system thus far except the CPU and the case - to NO avail. Getting the guy to RMA the CPU this weekend... If that doesn't fix the problem, quite frankly, I am quite stumped as to what it can be. I seriously doubt the case could be at fault.


    Now then.. That class.. There's some seriously outdated tech being discussed in there.. Does anyone still employ anything beyond Ethernet, Wifi and TCP/IP any more?

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  10. Yeh.. She does seem to be a bit taller than Ruby... She was even joking about that at one point - they were talking about them doing a live action cosplay of the show.


    Blake and Weiss's voice actors seem to fit their respective parts better, I think


    And another thing crossed my path the other day - they're releasing RWBY in Japan.. Dubbed in Japanese..


  11. Er... FWIW, RpH (Regen per Hit) works just fine in Ice and Blood and with the CM Patch.


    In addition, the expansion also includes two new playable areas - the Crystal Plane and the Blood Forest.


    I'll have to go along with what Daniat suggested - namely skipping the guides and going thru the Wiki and pick through the skills for each character and see how they work. You'll still need to play each character a bit to see how the skills actually work and you'll need practice to make use of them...


    Try to pick something that is effective. By that, I mean does what it's supposed to do - KILL the enemy.. Some skills are indispensable. For instance, a Seraphim with dual wield becomes a virtual veg-o-matic when you use the Pelting Strikes CA... She slices, she dices and makes thousands of julienne fries out of the baddies. It also helps to have a pair of sharp blades...


    Other skills are just not quite so much. Like the BeeEffGee mixed with the same Pelting Strikes. While the dual wielding swords will give you 6 hits per use, the big gun only gives you two hits per. But hey, some people prefer a ranged game instead of getting up close and personal with the enemy..


    It's up to you to check out the skills and CAs and see what works best for you.

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  12. I can usually ignore small stuff that happens but when part of the plot revolves around something entirely impossible it does ruin it for me.



    I watched Flight World War II...A plane goes through a time portal and flies over France during the war in 1940. But this war is a little different. The Germans already have jet fighters and the evacuation of Dunkirk never happened...The British and French forces trapped on the beach were wiped out. And the big thing....Britain has not yet developed radar.


    They realize they need to get the British the radar from their plane to preserve history.

    So the pilot and passengers somehow rip out the radar and antenna (and all cabling), find a usb battery to power it, and manage to drop if off the plane using a poncho for a parachute. British troops are able to find it, assemble and get it working within minutes...the whole sequence left me speechless.

    WOW. Some major plot issues there. These idiots went way out of their way to assume that people could figure out what the device was, how it worked, and could reverse engineer it before the German bombs started dropping..


    But this isn't the first time something sorta like this was used as a plot device in a movie. There was one back in the late 80's/early 90's that had an entire aircraft carrier being somehow sent back in time to the morning of December 7, 1941 - just off the coast of Hawaii..


    Of course, the Navy guys were all gung ho to go in with their F14's and teach the Japanese a lesson before they strike. Of course the time vortex that sent them back in time returns just before dawn and they weren't given much of an opportunity to change the tide of the battle. One pilot was lost in the engagement.. And at the end, it's revealed that he managed to leverage his technical knowledge off modern era stuff - and became a major player in the military industrial complex - and the guy who happened to have built the aircraft carrier in the first place..


    At least the plot of this one is at least semi plausible - unlike that other one.

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