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  1. thanks all - had a lazy day yesterday... Winter is still here although today we had some sunshine and not as much wind = jump on the trampoline with the kids The age really tells now Tried my hand at a leg of lamb yesterday... focus on "Tried". Not bad, but not magnificent either. Lil too pink, but hey, next time will be better!
  2. meh not really - I still get some nasty empty spaces with name tags...
  3. Well while the gfx are bugged I got involved in the arena fights. The amount of loot astounds me O.o
  4. Short answer - don't call it "Sacred" (3). Give the game some other name. If Diablo 4 is suddenly released as a FPS in a WWII setting, I'm certain that won't go down well with the Diablo community, right? A game with no open world, no limitless character development, no means of equipping multiple CAs, no huge amount of side quests,no immediately equip-able yellow shinies certainly does not match up to a game worthy of being labelled "Sacred". EDIT: I remember waaaay back when Sacred 2 was announced. No hype about any other game came close for me. I spent hours just searching for every new tidbit of info I could find anywhere on the web. And every so often I would find it! Something new, some new screenshot, something to speculate about. And Ascaron joined in amongst all the speculation and supplied some answers even. The community was alive and a beehive right up until the game was released. And to top it all off, all those years of waiting and speculating paid off because Sacred 2 was (and still is) a great game. Granted there were bugs, but look beyond that and the community pretty much got exactly what they wanted. Sacred 3 is meh. What do we have, some generic copy/paste review on about 6 sites with 5 screen shots. All this in 2 years? My hype-o-meter is getting rusty.
  5. Without running endless fractals, I'm counting on my daily and monthly laurel rewards to get the ascended items. My motto is: If I can afford it I buy it! For one item alone the ascended items might not prove much of a hoo-haa, but one amulet and two rings can actually squeeze that bit more performance out. In a 100mph race, the difference between 99mph and 101mph favours the faster car
  6. You can also buy with karma, although the karma stats are slightly less than the actual exotic stats. But good to fill in the gaps while you are working toward your full exotic set. I normally buy the green karma weapons in order to build stack from sigils. I have sigil of bloodlust in main hand and off hand giving 2X +power on each kill. Running through the Ogre camp normally has me on 25 stacks and then I switch to my "real" weapons. Also works great against wolves because they summon more wolves and they can be killed fast. Oh, and you can buy skins from the vendors too, so you don't have to be stuck with the original WvW skins.
  7. Heh - yeah I got the "tag" (Owing 50g to the BOW guild leader) Normally when I'm online there are no commanders and people cry out about our (FC's) poor coverage. Lots of times there are enough people to defend and retake objectives but they just need to be packed together a little. Last night was actually my first outing as a commander and it was a 50/50... I was surprised what a magnet the lil blue dorito really is. We managed to successfully defend hills in the lord room after a rather serious attack from SF, although it was not any of my commanding skills rather than just pulling people to the dorito. Afterward got a small group retaking camps while we sieged briar. All went well until we actually streamed into the tower... With few people on team speak and no mesmers around for a portal bomb or veils we were forced to just charge in. I found myself all alone at the keep lord as the rest of the group was mowed down by ACs. 20/20 hind sight I should have taken the slow approach and built a treb to carpet bomb any ACs and balistas they had inside. Unfortunately I had to leave right after that fail and it probably seemed like I chickened out after a failed attempt, but my son has bronchitis and I could continue playing at the expense of facing the full wrath of my my wife I intend only on "popping the tag" when there are no other commanders around. I'm really glad that most commanders take the PG13 issue seriously these days when it comes to TS. So here's to hoping for some better co-ordination. It's really difficult to type commands tbh.
  8. Hmmm not so sure if the mesmer changes are welcomed... If there was a 1/3 chance to gain quickness rather than swiftness then mebbe it would sound better to me. Gaining swiftness in battle is really not all that wonderful. It leaves you with 66% chance to gain (on being hit once per second) regen or protection for a useful buff. I need to rethink my approach to mesmer and it looks like I'm going back to my crit damage build:) Hang around the back of the zerg and send out I-zerker for giggles... I wonder if gaining choas armour from combo fields apply the same rules? None of the other class updates affect me much. (Phew! no guardian nerf!)
  9. Well what I don't get is why they call it "Sacred" if it clearly does not follow the design of the first two games. I get that the Sacred fan base alone won't be enough to support an entire production and so they have to "expand" their target audience. But then please don't call the game "Sacred" call it something else and everyone would be content to see Sacred 2 as the last of the series and hang on to their fond memories of the games. Introducing some run-of-the-mill console instance to instance game might attract a number of "new" players for a few hours, but it hardly seems like the kind of design that would have players hooked for hundreds and hundreds of hours. So you slap together a nice old hack and slash action game with a bit of loot, but please leave the title: "Sacred" out of it. Nothing could be more anti-Sacred from what I've read about this game. I sincerely hope that the silence is more to do with DS rethinking their approach and less to do with "the less information we release, the less the Sacred fans will post negative feedback."
  10. What you're describing is what I love about wvw! When I was on yesterday GoM came to EB red keep in waves and waves and they could never penetrate. At one stage they 3 of them tried flanking and ran for their live when me on my lonesky approached them
  11. Well I'm still "hanging in there" on FC - some nights are better than others and I still have that original attachment to the server which I probably won't have on any other server. But I wish there would be some new touch to WvW - I maintain that Divinity's Reach would make an excellent WvW map "as is". Running around just back capping whatever the larger servers take at will is getting old. Everyone wants to gain WXP and the fastest way is unfortunately sticking with the zerg. Baby sitting a tower which will most likely be flipped whether you're to defend it or not is really not the most exciting part of the game. With all the nasty-ness on FC lately it's been hard to rekindle the love for WvW I once had and even though I'm still playing it a lot, I've been looking into DC Universe Online as an alternative. Making gold in WvW is all about selling everything (don't salvage) and putting the heavy loot bags onto the TP. I recently made a good sum of money by selling all my mid level crafting items on the TP and last time I checked my bank is pretty puffed up with mid range crafting mats from all the medium loot bags. Should be another 3 or 4 gold waiting. I have no interest in crafting any more so everything is just goooooold.
  12. This past week has been a really unpleasant experience for me in WvW. I've spoken to 2 brand new players to WvW and they both said that they don't like the communication on map chat - that is all the foul language, insults, degrading players abilities or what they are doing. People are leaving and new players don't want to even give it a second go because of all the jerks in FC. I had a few words with some TTA members about their "mightier than thou" attitude and even though some of them might be good players, their attitude really sucks and it's far too easy for them to just lash out at anyone who's not such a superhero as they are. I can't stand playing the game as it is now here in FC and I don't even have the drive towards making FC a better WvW server anymore; and, I dare say, I lost a lot of enthusiasm toward playing GW2. Teamspeak is empty most of the time and it looks like our regular commanders did not return after their mass exodus. I really only see regular commanders like Archelise (one of the nicer TTA guys), Micbobo and Remnant Militant (probably the nicest guy out there). I hate that FC has given it's self this tag of a small group of "indestructible" players that you better fear when we are near. It's not like that at all. We win 50% of even battles IMHO. And if we wipe then map chat is filled with complaints and insults. It just feels like no-one is really having any fun and if we don't dominate with smaller numbers then it's OK to just blabber all your frustrations toward all the "pugs". Very few realise that it's these "pugs" that we want to come back time and time again and expand our numbers. Problem is that things are getting worse, not better. I'm once again seriously considering moving to another server just to get away from these elitist jerks that think of themselves as the gods of WvW.
  13. I just don't get that thieves get another condition type. Unless it's just me who really, really suck at this game and can't handle a good thief build 1v1... but IMHO thieves are freakishly OP no matter how much they say that they are squishy and invis is their only reliable damage mitigation. There is this one thief on HoD (dunno which guild because she's not visible long enough to actually pick that up), but the pop gun pistol guns me down every single time. Granted it's a really talented player and manages to dodge roll just about everything I throw at her (when I manage to get a lock during that rare moment of visibility), but without that constant stealthing I'm pretty sure I'd have a 50/50 chance. With stealth I have 0% chance of winning - and that annoys me to bits, since the conditions are just stacking on me in one long red line. Now she's gonna get another condition? Ouch.
  14. Hot off the press: Every one is coming back to FC! Well that is what I heard from Nounnoud who spoke to Decima. Moose even helped us out as a spy in HoD last night, so I'm not sure if the rumours are true or not. If we get all the regulars back with the rumoured influx of 100+ WvW players then I think FC might be a much more pleasant experience in WvW. Keep the faith.
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