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  1. Sooooo. The house upgrades are almost finished... The most recent thing was the 390 bottle wine rack that has been installed and stuck to the wall with 10 bolts. Sweet wines right on top, about 80 bottles. Red wines all the way down from there. I went with wine farms together... Premium Wine rack. I need a special occasion to open one of these, Everyday Open And Drink rack I don't need any reason or excuse to open any of these ones. All of these are red wines. There are a few white wines in the fridge, and the rest are still in boxes, either in the cupboard or the study... In total, we have about 1200 - 1300 bottles. I need to finish the stock take and insert it all into Excel. Hope you are all doing well.
  2. Tremors -> earthquake We had an earthquake in South Africa a few weeks ago. In Pretoria, so about 1500km from where I live, as far as I know no confirmed deaths, just some property damage and injuries. (I will admit I did not follow the news to know what happened in the days afterwards.
  3. have you read this review of the Haribo sugar free gummy bears?
  4. OOOOOh I miss the heat from Summer. Winter is now here, and she is a heartless B!T€H.
  5. Whiplash -> Accident Glad you are not injured Chattius and use the time to rest a little bit
  6. Writer -> J.K Rowling love the Hogwarts Legacy game. I find it really immersive and I like the battles.
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