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    Cooking, making new interesting ice cream/Sorbet flavours. reading, singing along to my favourite tunes, playing pc games, drinking wine.

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    Caramelised onion, avo, bacon and Feta cheese.
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  1. 'When do I become a steak?' The aubergines are growing. What is your favourite Dessert?
  2. Pizza -> pine apple Are you for or against pineapple on Pizza? I say you can eat what you like, how you like as long as you don't try to forcr it on me... and no to fois grass
  3. Modern -> Cuisine. so molecular gastronomy now gets called modern cuisine, to make it sound more palatable.
  4. Ricotta on its very own is actually a bit bland in flavour, but adapts to flavours very well and absorbs a lot of flavour. don't work it to much though, as it can also separate like mascarpone does when working it to much
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