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  1. Just installed Sacred 2 + Ice & Blood + CM-Patch 1.60 on my Laptop running Win10... God old days I ran into the same problem. UAC can be tricked: 1. run CMD as administrator. 2. right-click the patchfile holding the shift-button on your keyboard. The dialog will have an option like "copy as path". Use it. 3. now insert into the command window and hit enter. The patch will run now. I've got no idea why running the patch "as administrator" doesn't give the same result... CU Marcus
  2. http://www.frankrentmeister.info/mantisbt/view.php?id=1163 savegame is ok. CU Marcus
  3. If the game crashes it may damage your savegames, depending in the moment/situation. Can you upload those files, here or at the bugtracker? Game crashes are still an issue, but one we cannot fix. CU Marcus
  4. For the records: With V0150 the button text iss back to original. CU Marcus
  5. Yes. Problem with patching is the hotfix for V0140. That one is not properly detected by V0150. So better uninstall the older patch before installing the new one. CU Marcus
  6. just maybe... did you use v140 or v140hf of the CM-patch? Both show the same version number, but the installer differs. Always a bad idea with hotfixing... CU Marcus
  7. See post #1208 http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20458-the-new-sacred-2-cm-patch-now-available-for-ice-blood/page-61&do=findComment&comment=6974277 CU Marcus
  8. Could you post these files as zip here or on the bugtracker, please? http://www.frankrentmeister.info/mantisbt/view.php?id=1076#c9516 CU Marcus
  9. If you use Mods, you should use a ModEnabler as well. If you do so, you can deactivate Mods before patching and re-activate them afterwards.That's what I do as well during developement. CU Marcus
  10. As for all patches before: The installer needs a clean, unmodified version of the game with no or one of the newer cm-patches (version 100+) installed. If you use ModEnabler, disable all Mods before patching. The patchlog will tell you what happened during installation. CU Marcus
  11. Patchlog from http://www.frankrentmeister.info/mantisbt/view.php?id=1076 [[General]] LUA code reviewed - Position formats standardized - Redundant code removed - Language conventions used Textbase of all 10 languages standardized - Not used Text removed - Overall translation by google - Some typos [[Enemies and Bosses]] Haenir now appears as a human [[items and Drops]] ItemMod V1.2 by flix+pesmontis integrated [[Quests]] Hunting Fever reviewed Release stages simplified [[New Quests]] Ancaria Airlines Shattered Souls The Wrong Path
  12. Always deactivate installed mods first, patch the game and reactivate mods as the last step. CU Marcus
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