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    OOo Where do I Start. My Main 1s are Playing My Guitar & Piano. Gaming.
  1. Hi yeh Lunarians. & Rosie Knight I Just Love you're Guide. I've got 2 More Quests that I completed Last Nite. Farouks Quest where U Collect Lizard Teeth. When Completed U Get. 1 Moderate HP Potion 1,485 Gold,& 6201 experience. Black Smiths Burden Guest where U Collect Lizard Leather. When Completed U Get. 2,000 Gold & 9100 experience. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  2. Hi yeh Lunarians. WoW a New Bar Yaaaa Mmm I wonder what Weird & Wonderful Concoctions they will B Serving Up in here then ? Well 4 Now I'll have a Horlicks 4 Now Please Rosie Knight. & I'll B sat with Jen. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  3. Hi yeh Lunarians. Well Rotluchs I can honestly say that Luna is Waaaay Better than Rose. I wouldn't have thought that I could find a Game any Better buttt ! I have cus it's written above hehehehe Sooo I can Really Recommend this Uber Duber Game. I Think Once U'll Start U'll B Addicted. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  4. Hi yeh Lunarians. Well I've just found 2 Uber Duber Quests where U can lots of Gold, experience, & some Lovely Drops. Sooo Here they R. History Quest. :- When U've completed it U Get :- 2,500 Gold, 1300 experience, & a Heart Stone The Teddy Bear Quest :- 2 Start it C Piellanshar the WareHouse Keeper. When U've Completed it U Get :- 1,500 Gold, 1755 experience, & Bears Copper Armor. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  5. Hi yeh Every 1. Suznami Mage Level 10 Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  6. Hi yeh EVery 1. Ooo WOW that's Uber Duber News. & Jen Met up with My Ikle Mage Suznami, to Enroll her into the New Clan. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  7. Hi yeh Every 1. Well I've been busy leveling & I'm now Level 8 & Here's a Screenie Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  8. Hi yeh Every 1. & Happy Birthday Schot. Hope U have a Uber Duber Day. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  9. Hi yeh Every 1. & Guessssssss Whatty ! I can now Login into Luna Yaaaaaaaaaaaa It was the AVG Virus thingy. Soo I can Now Play. yay: I just Need 2 find a New Virus Scanner that is Luna Friendly. OOOo & Jen I just Love you're Ikle Elfin Mage. OOO & Thnx U Jen & Dave 4 Helping Me 2 Solve the Prob. Now 2 get Leveling My Ikle Mage. Byeee 4 Now Suzie
  10. Oooo My Its Some 1s Birthday ! It'sssssss Dave's Happy Birthday Rosie Knight Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  11. OOoo this is a Lovely Game. It's Simular 2 Rose on Line. Sadly I'm having Probs Logging in. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  12. Rosie Knight has Soo Much to Answer for. Like Jen I've known him for 5 Yrs. He calls Jen & Me his Harem. David's Angels hehehe Where Ever He Goes Soo Do We. Byeee Suzie. :
  13. Hi yeh Every 1. & Neil Welcome 2 Dark Matters. U took you're Time. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  14. Hi yeh Every 1. Nice 2 C that U've got a Bar here at DarkMatter. & While Im here may I have a Horlicks. I like trying out different Cocktails & Liquors & Occasionally I'll have a white Wine, but I'm not much of a drinker. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
  15. Hi yeh Every 1. & Thnx U 4 All of you're Lovely Welcome Posts. Tis True I Still Love Pink. & I just Love My Squirrel Avatar. Byeee 4 Now Suzie.
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