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  1. Hiya, I've been working on a 3d model of the Seraphim outfit set "The Revelation of the Seraphim". It is rigged in Poser format and Ascaron has granted permission to distribute the model. Some samples: For a link to download the model, as well as many more sample pics, see the thread on the Ascaron official forums and please note the copyright restrictions: http://forum.sacredeng.ascaron-net.com/sho...ead.php?t=57163 Enjoy!
  2. This is a fun approach to playing Sacred 2's Seraphim that I have enjoyed a great deal, and I thought I would share some info on how she played out. Most builds tend to weight skill picks and combat art use to one or two aspects. I decided to play around with using all three heavily, mainly to experiment, but I was surprised how powerful she ended up. I took this build through the single player campaign and defeated Platinum difficulty at level 88 - too early really, since the drops in early Niobium are leveled much too high to equip. Note that this character may not perform the same way depen
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