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  1. Well after carefully reading alot of posts I decided to try and apply for D.a.r.k clan (sacred 2 ) Well there aint much to say about me because I aint here from a long time but I hope I will get to know every and each one of the sacred 2 players in game playing Sacred 2 has became like a hobbie (dont know if its spelled right) to me because when I dont have school I like to play all night and day yea when I got school I sleep 4-5 hours then im like a undead (except that I dont revive yea I make the same sounds and walk the same ) Erm somthing else....erm sorry dont read many
  2. nice very nice tho I didnt get the meaning of the pictures the first 5-6 times when I looked at them but yea xD
  3. Welcome back cool you had a great time as for work dont worry my bro works very hard has alot of work but he does not know when time passes and as u said u get more money :P so its cool again welcome back
  4. Ok so I was playing MP last night walking and slaying everything with my seraphim while walking and slaying a shield dropped and it was (guess what) a set item shield but not any set item shield it was Niokaste shield here is a picture http://img352.imageshack.us/my.php?image=big0005sw7.jpg I will get stats later right now I have to study for school
  5. sorry but how did u get a 225 bargaining? at that level:) O.o
  6. stealing head band from red alert 3 (yea the empire of the rising sun has almolst the same logo ) other wise niceeeee I want these items
  7. erm first I would like to say sorry didnt read that it was a hardcore thing sorry I played on normal dificulty maybe I will start on HC but for now I would stick with my seraph on this dificulty P.S. sorry again
  8. Never actualy played a TG from pics I've seen it looks very cool I may start a TG later on but for now I will keep admiring my seraphim
  9. gratz knukles (dont want to brag) hited level 200 2 days ago I was sleepy and tired so that is why I didnt post up to now
  10. sorry for the double post and sadly to say I cant find anything new or anything different then what was already posted in the wiki sorry all I will try again in the next patch if there are some items that arent there I will find them but for now I cant find somthing more than what was already posted
  11. First I want to say Thanks for the good words and thanks for the guide I will try to do better work but at the moment im on another PC (yea my bro is using the other one) and I dont have a way to find items and such when I can I will P.S. when I looked into the wiki more closely I dont see items that are missing I mean I dont know if I will find somthing different but I will countinue my hund
  12. I did and here are the results P.S. sorry for the bad quality I cant do more than this P.P.S this is just from today sorry I was late I was on school and now I have to do some work check the pictures and use the ones u want if ya dont like them im sorry but I cant do more than that P.P.P.S erm yea the pointer to the items is not seen so I dont know any suggestions? P.P.P.P.S. yea sorry forgot link here it is http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u49/Lor..._photos/Sacred/
  13. Schot yea I did play sacred underworld but I did not play online because my brother was not so much into sacred and didnt buy the game but now he has and I can play I will check the link right away
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